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Sam Ghandchi

ترامپ، راش لیمبو، آی پی سی و دکتر ایکس

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Last night during the 2020 State of the Union, President Trump announced that Rush Limbaugh has been diagnosed with stage four lung cancer, and while Mr. Limbaugh was present at the event, President Trump announced giving him the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Rush Limbaugh is a conservative radio host and I have never heard any of his programs because I never listen to any radio programs, but I know his views are generally 180 degrees opposite to my thoughts as I am close to liberalism. But for years my friend Dr.X at IPC site has been a fan of Rush Limbaugh and had a link to his radio program on IPC. Today when looking at IPC site, I saw a beautiful poem by Dr.X that has been written in the days of Iran's Green Movement and is only in English; a poem which is really worth reading and the topic is about how darkness can devour life; and maybe it is the best description of the catastrophe IslamicKKK has bestowed upon Iran and Iranians for the last 41 years. At the end, I need to remind readers that although many of the views of Dr.X, just like Rush Limbaugh, are opposite to liberalism, but he has always been a defender of freedom of speech presenting all viewpoints as evident in the IPC Discussion Forum, and this author is proud of being Dr.X's friend all these years, even though I know him with a pseudonym of Dr.X and not his real name, and have never met Dr.X either, and I just read his contributions on the Internet.


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
February 5, 2020
















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