Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Secularism: Main Problem of Former Religious People is not Superstition
Sam Ghandchi

سکولاریسم: مشکل اصلی دینداران پیشین خرافات نیست

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In 2003, in a paper entitled What is Secularism, argued in support of *separation of state and religion* and in opposition to *separation of religion and politics*; the latter is close to what is called Laïcité in France and its root can be sought in Descartes' discussion of Laity.  Also *philosophical secularism* is a version of atheism which is not supported by this author; atheism in general has been discussed in a paper entitled The God and Us. Philosophical views of this author that relate to this discourse are introduced in an article entitled Academic Essays on Secular and Futurist Pluralism. But the main problem of former religious people basically is *not* the continuation of superstition in their view of the world. One of the main difficulties that former religious people encounter is ethical decline, because for them ethics had been based on religion and losing religious beliefs, the ethics also greatly suffers as noted by Bertrand Russell and was discussed in an article published two years ago in Persian entitled "The Biggest Damage of Islamic Regime to Iranians cannot be Remedied Quickly." Another issue for former religious people is some kind of depression because of uncertainty of scientific outlook and due to this reason many of them were attracted to Nazi and Communist attempts at making a religious dogma out of scientific theories which would among other things make a replacement for the notion of "Noblest of All Creatures" position for humans as discussed in a paper entitled Worldview of a Monkey and the problem of Bishop of Worcester’s wife who was quoted as saying the following about Darwin's Theory of Evolution that ‘Let us hope it is not true. But if it is true, let us hope it does not become generally known.’ Also in the same vein, scientific outlook for an individual used to religious thinking gives rise to some kind of hollowness while observing the world, and feeling a lack of meaning in life which was discussed in detail in a paper entitled Scientific Worldview and Meaning of Life and studying it, is also recommended to the readers.


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
January 25, 2020
















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