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The attached documents below are personal attacks on Shaheen Fatemi by an Iranian monarchist site called "Mihan Parastan Iran"


As far as political disagreement with Shaheen Fatemi on the issue of Aghajari and Nobel prize, I had previously written my views and there is nothing I can add to what I have written before.  But disagreements about political issues between mature people does not mean personal attacks.  Shaheen Fatemi is one of the last decent people who is still in the ranks of Iranian monarchists.  I think he has a view that once someone has stood up for a political plan, no matter how tough the situation becomes, s/he should stick, with it and this is a principled position, and this is the angle as to why he has still stayed with monarchy and Reza Pahlavi, although the support of monarchy among Iranians has fallen to nothing since 18-Tir this year. 


I would like to also say that there are times that one can clearly see a plan is no no longer to the benefit of Iran and Iranians, because of whatever reasons, and the principled approach is to clearly and openly drop that plan, and changing one's view is a principled action, and is not the same as changing positions that opportunists do every day.  For example Jebhe Melli for years went for Shah saltanat konad va na hokoomat (Shah should be just a monarch and not the ruler), but there was a time after Iraq War that all factions of Jebhe regardless of their analysis as to why, came to the conclusion that Iran and Iranian people have passed the monarchy and in no uncertain terms announced they are for a republic and have stayed steadfast on it since, although for along time they hoped Reza Pahlavi to accept this reality as well. 


Some monarchists try to say that it happened in 1979 by "betrayal" of Jebhe, etc and because of their "collaboration" with Khomeini.  That is not true.  Years after 1979 many in Jebhe Melli leaders still hoped for constitutional monarchy but almost 15 years ago, they all came to the conclusion of their analysis of Iran that monarchy was finished in Iran, and they mostly have stayed in Iran all these years, and it was not just a sensational jumping to conclusions and was based on close examination of Iranian mindset which is different from how people sensationally may say even Shah was better than the new Shah Khamenei to show their hate of  IRI and not their support for the return of monarchy.  The same goes about Jebhe's position with regards to secularism and separation of state and religion which has become a clear stand by Jebhe Melli and was even announced by Jebhe inside Iran.


18-Tir this year put end to Rezqa Pahlavi's dual role as I had written before and since he did not abdicate, he lost his significance in Iranian political arena and is basically history, and is vanishing even as a tiny part of opposition, especially after his covering for those in his organization who abused opposition such as myself, with personal attacks, to silence us. And Azadi TV that has received money from the U.S. is spending it on attacking Jebhe Melli and Jebhe Demokratik in their TV and radio programs using fake letters claimed to be from Iran.  Any former youth I know of who used to have hopes in Reza Pahlavi are not focusing on working on constitution of a new secular republic for Iran and consider liquidation of remnants of monarchist groups as necessary.  Thus only a group making personal attacks on people have remained with Reza Pahlavi because of receiving money.


And the more Reza Pahlavi's despotic forces who are part of his NY organization and elsewhere harass Iranian pro-democracy activists, the more former modern thinking monarchists go to the secular republican movement of Iran.  I condemn the attacks on Shaheen Fatemi as a decent Iranian politician and my best wishes for him in whatever he chooses to do in politics and other areas of life including economics where he has contributed a lot.  This is called supporting freedom of thought and condemning end justifying means which is still not understood by many in Iranian pro-democracy movement no matter what part of political spectrum they are in.


Hoping for a Futurist,  Federal, Democratic, and Secular Republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi, Publisher/Editor
Dec 4, 2003



These are personal attacks on Shaheen Fatemi from monarchist site "Mihan Parastan Iran":







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