Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Open Letter to Ms. Maryam Rajavi about Calling ISDP Members as IRI Agents
Sam Ghandchi
نامه ی سرگشاده به خانم مریم رجوی درباره نامیدن اعضای حزب سکولار دموکرات ایرانیان بعنوان مزدور رژیم

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A few minutes ago I saw a discussion at Mehestan about the regrettable attacks of MEK on a number of Iranian Secular Democratic Party (ISDP) members, calling them IRI agents. The last time MEK had a similar interaction with this author was two years ago and my final response to MEK attackers is linked here. Two months ago in a similar situation when some monarchists called a prominent Iranian opposition leader as IRI agent because of avoiding to cooperate with monarchists, I wrote to Mr. Reza Pahlavi that if Mr. Pahlavi has any proof, personally present the facts in an official way, otherwise not to poison the atmosphere of Iranian opposition with such rumors. We live in Western democracies and if anybody is an IRI agent, the police and courts in these countries are responsible for taking action. Attacking competing political forces as IRI agents is not acceptable and creates a poisonous atmosphere in the Iranian opposition. Please inform your members not to make such attacks on competing political forces in the future.

Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
September 23, 2019
















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