Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Mr. Rouhani, Dissolve Hashd-ol-Shaabi before another Iraq War
Sam Ghandchi
آقای حسن روحانی، حشد الشعبی را قبل از جنگ عراقی دیگر، منحل کنید

P.S. 01/03/20: Qasem Soleimani, al-Qaedeh in Kenya and IRI

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Mr. Hassan Rouhani IRI President,
Iran is not a global power. Ayatollah Khomeini's interference in Iraq's internal matters ended up in an eight year war and death of millions as can be seen in Behesht Zahra cemetery. The continuations of such policies by Islamic Regime of Iran (IRI), will end up the same way, when finally after all the devastations, a peace treaty was signed with Saddam Hussein and he was called "brother Saddam" by IRI leaders; please leave Iraq alone before another catastrophe.  Please dissolve Hashd-ol-Shaabi before it is too late. Hashd-ol-Shaabi in Iraq is not viewed as a helping hand in fighting Daesh; rather, Hashd-ol-Shaabi is viewed as an Iranian challenge to the sovereignty of Iraqi state and army; Iraq will never join Iran to form a single country; but, sooner or later, all these Hashd-ol-Shaabi interferences in Iraqi state, will end up in a backlash of Iraqi people against Iran, just as it happened at the time of Saddam Hussein. Please stop the disaster before it is too late. Moreover, please stop provoking US and Israel in the Persian Gulf. The 40 years of IRI phrase-mongering against Israel and interfering in Palestinian matters, has not helped anybody, please let Palestinians handle their own problems.


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
August 22, 2019
















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