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The latest game of IRI is the way they have handled their new crisis related to nuclear inspections and the masterful handling of the visit of the three European foreign ministers, which has even gotten G W Bush hopeful where "Bush said the United States was working closely with Syria and Iran [IRI] to prevent foreign terrorists from crossing into Iraq".


For twenty four years, Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) has been playing one game after another to hold off crisis after crisis, to stay in power, and not only the Iranian political forces and intellectuals have fallen for games like the hostage-taking, the most experienced politicians and diplomats of the world have also failed over and over again in thinking they are beating the mollahs in these games, and have later found out that the last laugh has been by the mollahs ruling Iran.


Today's Press Release of Richard L. Armitage of US State Department is interesting to read.  At the time of hostage-taking, it was not just Jimmy Carter who lost his bid for presidency by IRI's games, the Western states went into total disarray on how to deal with the mollah games. 


Why are mollahs winning these games?  Is it because of influential lobbyists they have on their payroll?  Is it because of having a strong technology behind them like the Nazi fascists?  Is it because of their ability to make epochal advancements in a short time like the way Soviets sent a man to orbit? 


As far as the first possibility, although IRI lobbyists are an important factor in IRI 's success with the Western states, the main reason for the European states falling for IRI is not the IRI deception with its human rights promises.  The European states get a good profit on selling US goods to Iran and they benefit from the status of no-war-no-peace between IRI and the U.S. which keeps them the brokers of the trade between the two countries collecting their markup.


As far as the two other possibilities, we all know that IRI is a backward state and the technical advancements of Nazis or Soviets are not the kind of things that has kept IRI to stay afloat or to help it to legitimize itself.  So then why do mollahs win so easily?


I think the answer lies in the issue of the Western governments not having a plan for global post-industrial development and the mollahs play the game of a state fighting for independence, and the Western states play the game of giving in to the aspirations of an independence-seeking state, and they both know this is all nothing but playing a game of 1950's for the spectators of 2000's, when in reality they both know they are buying time, as they are both holding the progress of the world into the 21st Century post-industrial development by acting as if they are doing something of significance.


It is over 20 years since IRI's hostage-taking and IRI has been treating the pro-democracy activists the same way all these years whether inside or outside the jail, and the call of IRI icon Ayatollah Khomeini to kill Salman Rushdie for his ideas, has been the most blatant terrorist call that has even been so openly done, and even the reformists of IRI do not condemn that treacherous fatwa, and none of these Ayatollahs is willing to condemn this religious practice and end fatwa killing in Islam. 


Then how can such a regime like IRI be taken seriously to safeguard Iraq from the infiltration of terrorists.  IRI legitimating the fatwa killing order of its founder is the basis of all terrorism for the Islamist God, and unless it is officially abandoned by Ayatollahs who call themselves reformist, and till then, not even the IRI reformists should be taken seriously as opponents of terrorism, when they still see fatwa killing as legitimate.


IRI is not winning these same games because of being knowledgeable or technically strong.  It is winning in these games because the progressive forces of the world are losing time to drive the global needs for the global development of post-industrial society.  The pro-democracy forces in Iran would look up to the West if they see the progress of information society is successful, and will be encouraged in their struggle to end IRI and establish the futurist Iran.  The best the West can do is to stop legitimizing IRI theocracy and work together with Iranian activists to create an international support center for Iran's pro-democracy movement. 


Iranians are already embarking on discussing the constitution for a secular republic in Iran.  Except for the IRI lobbyists abroad, the Iranian people are trying to organize themselves to take power in Iran.  Iran is not Soviet Union where a faction of the regime really wanted to form a Western-style government.  IRI reformists want to keep the same backward Islamist system as those who run the regime now.  The only ones who want to end the theocracy and form a secular republic in Iran are those who are outside the regime. 


The unity of Iranians for a secular republic, and not unity of republicans,  is what is getting more and more momentum and the West should back this eventuality of Iran.  The IRI games have lost any significance and the Iranian pro-democracy movement has basically stopped wasting time on these games that have been happening months after months for 24 years now.  The foreign states may still hope to get more concessions from IRI playing these games, but such concessions are as worthless as the loans the Europeans gave to Saddam Hussein, and their fear today whether the future Iraqi government will honor those loans!



Hoping for a Futurist, Federal, Democratic, and Secular Republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi, Publisher/Editor
Oct 30, 2003





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