Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Prince Reza Pahlavi, Just Like IRI, You Do not Represent Iranian People

Sam Ghandchi

شاهزاده رضا پهلوی، شما هم مثل ج.ا.ا.، نماینده ی مردم ایران نیستید

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P.S. For those American politicians who consider Prince Reza Pahlavi as the leader of Iranian opposition: Please ask yourselves that after 40 years in the U.S. and with all the money and political support by the U.S., Prince Reza Pahlavi has not been able even to organize a 200-person demonstration every time IRI presidents visit the UN in New York. SG




Prince Reza Pahlavi,


Again and again you Prince Reza Pahlavi make speeches in the US as if you represent the Iranian people. Mr. Pahlavi, you have continued the ways of reactionary and anti-democratic regime of the Shah inside the U.S. in the last 40 years by hiring the former Savak authorities to work in your organization, instead of having them tried for crimes against humanity and this way you have seriously damaged the Iranian democratic opposition for human rights in Iran, because your continuous association with former Savak, whitewashes the crimes of current IRI security authorities who torture and murder Iranian democratic opposition.  We are fighting to end the reactionary and anti-democratic regime of the Islamic Regime of Iran (IRI) and many of us in the Iranian democratic forces even simultaneously fought reactionary and anti-democratic Khomeini Islamist movement before he came to power in Feb 1979, but we were defeated, and fighting simultaneously the reactionary movement to restore anti-democratic Pahlavi dynasty in the last 40 years, is a reminder of that same experience for us. Please stop speaking as if you represent Iranian people's secular democratic movement because you do not.

Hoping for a democratic and secular
futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
28, 2019















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