What if Prince Reza Pahlavi Abdicates?




It may sound funny but there is a group of monarchists who have more vested interest in Iranian fascist monarchy than Prince Reza Pahlavi (RP) himself.  They are more worried about RP abdicating than him.  One of these people recently left RP and wrote a lot of thuggish nonsense against RP, the same way that he used to harass the opposition in the name of RP before. He was very mad why RP is not the kind of king he wanted.  Well, the kind of king he and his Savaki friends wanted, could not even be Mohammad Reza Shah.  Even Reza Khan, the grandfather of RP, who is famous for sternness, would not do it for this man.  The Savakis wish a king more or less like Hitler.


Now for the Savaki type, leaving the monarchists' ranks is a sad choice, but a few of them have done it recently.  What were they going to be the next day?  Were they going to be republicans?  But these kinds of Savakis, in the last 24 years, have been viciously attacking republicans, just as they did during the Shah's time, when they were in power.  For almost a decade, RP has not been emphasizing monarchy, but these poor souls have still been dreaming of not just the return of monarchy, but have been dreaming of Mohammad Reza Shah (MRP) and his Savak reincarnated, to deliver them the nightmare they once created for Iran and Iranians.  In fact, one of them who left RP is a man who is interesting to note. 


The man is mad that RP uses the word Civil Disobedience.  I understand that there are people in the Iranian opposition who have opted for armed struggle, and even the American Revolution was an armed struggle.  But why I find the words of this man funny is not that he supports armed struggle. which he does not say he does.  But the way he attacks civil disobedience, because of not being violent enough for him.  I mean even the part of opposition opting for armed struggle, considers it for self-defense against the regime, and they do not attack the advocates of nonviolence for not being violent. In fact, they see the latter as their ally.


The proponents of armed struggle reject the nonviolent solution, because they say their path will not succeed to overthrow the regime.  In other words the democratic opposition is not in love with violence, even when opting armed struggle, but in contrast, this man loves violence, which the likes of him would entertain after winning power, as Savak opted for it all during the Shah's regime, not because it was the opposition, which was not, but because it just believed in using violence to deal with opponents, and to shoot and rape the pro-Democracy and human rights activists, to stop their right to think or to associate.  Savak just hated free thinkers and could not understand someone to think not in the boxes they saw.  You either were with the Shah or were a Communist. Now this is the story of one of those Savakis who left the ranks of the monarchists, and how he desires a different kind of a king. 


Let me suggest to the readers to check out the linked site and decide for yourself why he has left the ranks of the monarchists and what he desires for Iranian politics. I do not want to discuss him or others who have already left the ranks of the monarchists for one reason or another.  I can say they will not be able to push a dictatorial platform, at least not at this time that Iranian republicans are very sensitive on the issue of democracy, and anybody wanting to form a republic of the kind of Saddam or Marcos will not have an easy time. In the past, I have discussed  the groups that have already left the ranks of the monarchists.  My discussion here is focused on those who are still with monarchy.


The dictatorial forces of Savakis of the past are still sticking with the monarchy platform which united them on their hope for return of a regime like MRP.  These are the ones who are the most afraid of the thought of RP abdicating.  Their main fear is for themselves.  What are they going to be afterwards?  They have a hard time to say they will be republicans, because all these years they claimed monarchy is better.  They do not have the guts like Reza Khan to start their own dynasty.


If they could get Queen Elizabeth or Prince Charles to try to claim Iran, they would not mind, but they know those queens and kings are not going to make a fool of themselves, and Iranian people have given their answer a long time ago, which is *no* to monarchy.  So they know they have no option if RP abdicates.  But this is not how they discuss their vantage point.  They use a lot of games.  Some of them act as disinterested list owners and try to pretend as very objective and unbiased, and they let Savakis harass opponents using hundreds of different aliases, and they think using all these deceptions they can make their beloved MRP to come back to life.  Let me write their arguments and let's forget about their tactics.


They say if RP resigns, this will split the pro-Pahlavi and pro-Shahanshahi people.  Oh my God.  This is really funny.  What will happen?  The pro-Pahlavi will follow RP and will become republican, and the pro-Shahanshahi will be left with no leader.  But why be worried?  Can't these gentlemen raise the flag of Shahanshahi themselves and save Iran.  They are kAseh dAghtar az Ash (bowl hotter than the soup).  Their worries are unfounded.  The monarchists have been living without a king for 24 years already.  So they are used to it.  And in case if they want to have one, they will find one.  There are always plenty of real or pseudo-princes around.  In Iranian history we have had many pseudo-princes who even became kings.  So royalists will find one to their liking, like the French royalists still find after 200 years.  The issue is really not this.  I will explain below.


The new princes  will have a hard time to claim to be speaking for human rights and democracy, if they want to make these Savakis happy.  The breakdown of monarchist lineup today is exactly because of this factor.  If RP thoroughly denounces Savak, and those who committed the Savak crimes, and asks for their punishment, the old Savakis will depart from his ranks, and if he does not, the pro-Democracy movement leaves him, like it already has, and even many former monarchist technocrats have left the monarchist ranks, for a secular republican alternative.  Bottom line is that the days of Savaki Monarchists is numbered, whether RP makes his decision to abdicate, or decides to stay the king candidate and fades away from Iranian pro-Democracy movement,  a movement which is essentially a secular democratic movement. 


There is no other choice and the pro-Shahanshahi people will always exist just like the pro-Manichaean religion disciples, who still exist in India, but are not a major political or religious force.  No political force is even threatened by them, and they are just history, and can celebrate their ritual anniversaries every year on 28-mordad, still calling the CIA coup a popular uprising as they wish, just fooling themselves.  Rituals of historical groups does not have to be based on truth, as one can see for many ancient political and religious groups.


Now these people are so worried about RP abdicating that they attack people like me and think by eliminating me, their problem will be solved.  They do not understand that the problem is not me or RP, the problem is the Iranian pro-Democracy movement that is a *secular republican* movement, and has been sharpened this way during the reign of Khatami, when people challenged Islamism and not republicanism, and thanks to Supreme Leader VF (Valie Faghih) Khomeini and Khamene'i, Iran has kept a Shah figure in its republic all these 24 years of IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran), the figure which is the most hated figure by the people. 


Therefore a monarchy cannot challenge VF.  In fact, it causes people to move towards the IRI reformists, because if people come to the conclusion that the choice is between a third monarchy after Shah and VF, they will opt for the IRI reformist republicans, and exactly this is what people have done in the last 7 years.  Pushing monarchy is helping IRI to stay in power, and it is so sad that these people cannot get their head out of the sand and see this simple truth. 


The Savaki monarchists are just afraid that RP abdicates tomorrow, and they be left without a raison d'Ítre to call themselves monarchist, shahanshahi, Pahlavist or whatever.


Finally I should say that in our history it is not a new thing for people to drop a title to a tribe or to the nation, and acts similar to abdicating a prince title, have been done by a number of individuals, who cared more for progress and democracy of Iran and Iranians, than for their personal gain.


Hoping for a Futurist, Federal, Democratic, and Secular Republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi, Publisher/Editor
IRANSCOPE Portal Iranian Site of Iran News and Iranian Culture
Sept 27, 2003





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