The End of Fascist Iranian Monarchy


Iranian monarchists are hiding behind the nice words of human rights and democracy to bring back the same despotism of Shah's regime.  Years after years Reza Pahlavi (RP) has been asked to denounce the Savak and the thugs who work in RP's name to attack the pro-Democracy activists and he has done nothing the same way the Shah never did anything about the same Savaki thugs.


Not only RP does not follow up on the abusers who did it in his name in Toronto and elsewhere and on the Internet every day, he does not even thoroughly condemn these practices, the same way he uses lukewarm words to condemn the Savak and the despotic regime of the Shah, and likes to use nice-sounding words of human rights and unity. 


This is the same way that Khomeini used unity slogans and words of democracy while supporting  his hezbollAhi thugs.  And today in IRI, Khamenei had his Ansar Hezbollah attack Iranian students and the IRI leader acts as if he does not know about the thug attacks and Iranian students in their last demonstrations chanted:


ansAr jenAyat mikonad, rahbar hemAyat mikonad (hezbollAh does the crimes and IRI leader supports them)


This is not a new thing in Iran.  Even Shah kept a clean nice facade while Savak was torturing people in the Evin chambers, and the likes of Sha'boon Bimokh attacked the Iranian pro-Democracy activists during the Shah's regime doing the dirty work for the Shah.  Sha'boon Bimokh worked with Allah Karam and other hezbollAhi thugs who attack students in Iran today.


Sha'boon Bimokh is revered by Iranian monarchists who have made him into a celebrity instead of being tried for crimes against humanity that he committed against Iranian pro-Democracy activists in Iran of the Shah, and he is freely walking in Los Angeles and interviewing with monarchist TVs of L.A.


I do not know how these monarchists can keep a straight face using human rights and democracy  in their fight with IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) when they still try to whitewash Savak and revere Sha'boon Bimokh.  When did they have to suffer for speaking for human rights and democracy?  I have written in details about the issue of state and democracy in Persian and the monarchists underestimate Iranians and the Iranian Pro-Democracy movement who have suffered under both their regime and IRI.


When they were in Iran and ones like me were suffering under Savak they were *with* Savak, and still support Savak, and today that Iranians are suffering under IRI, they are living in the West and enjoying the freedom of the West , while again supporting their Savak and old Shah's regime and trying to bring back the nightmare to Iranian people.


I have written many times about the harassment by the monarchists and do not need to repeat again.  They have no respect for people's individual freedom.  Savak was a terrorist organization attacking Iranian pro-democracy movement long before IRI, and they are its remainders today, and are terrorist gangs attacking individuals like me.


They are free to post their views and thoughts in Iranian pro-Democracy forums, but they choose to harass by email or otherwise on forums.  My list is just a *notification* list of my editorials and is *not* a discussion list, but they can visit SCI or Jebhe BB to discuss monarchy related issues, and they do go to those forums with their abuses too, but they do not respect even my notification list policy and keep sending harassment emails to my address. 


My response to them is as before and I cannot add anything more and I just add them to my block list instead of wasting more of my time on useless efforts of fascist monarchists.


I am just one person speaking my mind and these shahollAhi gangs cannot see it even now that they are not in power and try to shut me up in the free West, and I wonder what they will do to the less outspoken people, suffocating them like the Shah did. What will they do if they are back in power? They have all kinds of money and support and  have started to harass me more since my last article noted below:


I will fight the Iranian Fascist Monarchy even if I am just one man with no financial support, just as I did when the Shah was in power, and if the US ever helps to bring back the Iranian monarchists to power in Iran, it will only buy the wrath of the Iranian people.  I fight Communist and Islamist dictatorships more than they do, but they do it to justify despotism of the Shah and Savak, and to bring back the monarchy, and not to form a democracy with human rights in Iran. Monarchy is history for Iran but they are trying to make it a living nightmare again.


Why they are now so desperate attacking individuals like me, is because more and more the technocrats who used to be in their ranks are leaving them for the Iranian republican movement.  I am just one person speaking his mind, but even with all their finances and foreign support, Iranian monarchy is *finished* and this is why they try to suppress even one little guy speaking about their efforts to return the fascist monarchy to Iran.


Iranian pro-Democracy movement has passed Reza Pahlavi and the monarchists, although they can dream on as long as they want.  Their Evin torture chambers did not stop Iranians and pro-Democracy Iranian activists, and they were overthrown by the Iranian people, and no matter how much Iranian people hate IRI and want to overthrow IRI, we will never support the return of Iranian monarchy. 


Down with the Fascist Iranian Monarchy


Hoping for a Futurist, Federal, Democratic, and Secular Republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi, Publisher/Editor
IRANSCOPE Portal Iranian Site of Iran News and Iranian Culture
Sept 23, 2003





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