Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Is there a Leader Like Yeltsin inside Iran, Yes Mr. Heshmat Tabarzadi

Sam Ghandchi

آیا در داخل کشور رهبری نظیر یلتسین وجود دارد؟ بله مهندس حشمت اله طبرزدی

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We have discussed about Mr. Heshmatollah Tabarzadi for many years. From the point of view of this author, if in Iran, regime change can be done in a sensible way, such as the former Soviet Union, Mr. Heshmat Tabarzadi is a leader who can play the role of Yeltsin better than anyone else for a regime change in Iran. I hope the regime does not hurt him, of course, nothing is unexpected from this regime, but those in charge of the regime should know that if anyone else, other than Yeltsin, took control at that time, not only those who were responsible for the coup against Gorbachev, would have been executed, but the rest of the former Soviet officials would have been killed, not like Yeltsin who did not let any of those authorities even have a nosebleed and elected a KGB officer as his deputy, and that officer not only seized all the power, of course, through free elections, but kept the power year after year, and I mean Putin. Consequently, if those in power in Iran understand this much, it is the best option for them. If the regime hurts Mr. Tabarzadi, there are other candidates for a role like Yeltsin to change the regime in Iran, whose names nobody has even heard of. I hope that the officials of the Islamic regime ruling Iran will work with Mr. Tabarzadi to move from this deadlock. Meanwhile, among the political organizations of Iran, although Mr. Tabarzadi's Democratic Front has done good things, especially in Iran, however, from the point of view of this author, "Futurism is What the Iranian Secular Democratic Party is Doing," and the leaders of that party, including Dr. Esmail Nooriala and Manoochehr Yazdiyan have been able to form the most prominent secular democratic, futurist, and progressive political organization in Iran's politics; nonetheless, Mr. Tabarzadi is the leader of all the people of Iran, not the leader of his own organization, for which he is the general secretary himself. My best wishes for the success of Mr. Heshmatollah Tabarzadi.

Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
22, 2019
















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