Once Again on How to End Islamist Terrorism


It is so simple that Islamist terrorism is the work of those who want to quickly get their country to become an ideal Islamist state, which they believe Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) to be since its inception in 1979.  And it is not such a complex dilemma that ending Islamist terrorism can only be done by Iranian people removing IRI.  Just as when Soviet Union was removed by its own people, and the people of Soviet Union finally spoke of what the nightmare of life under Communism was, and this way the Communist terrorism in the world that was inspired by Soviet "paradise" also ended, and we no longer hear of so many Communist terrorist groups that used to exist all over the world.


The above reality of Islamist terrorism is so obvious and yet it escapes the eyes of many political analysts who still hope to end terrorism with the help of some so-called "reformist" faction of IRI whose goal is not to end Islamism but is to save the Islamic state in Iran.  The Islamist terrorists of Saudi Arabia were trying to recreate another Islamist state in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere, and they committed WTC heinous crimes as part of their worldwide strategy to usher in the Islamist "paradise" on Earth, and the ones in Indonesia were hoping for the same thing in Indonesia.  Appeasing IRI will not help ending this Islamist *dream* of IRI which is a living force in the minds of the Islamist terrorists. 


Only the Iranian people who have lived under the nightmare of Islamic Republic for 24 years in Iran can tell the world what Islamism means and that will happen after Iranian people remove IRI and replace it with a futurist secular republic which we are trying to achieve.  This is how the death to America slogan of Islamists will end.


What the world people, organizations, and governments can do is at least not to legitimize IRI.  The IRI lobbyists work hard even in the U.S. to censor and silence the voice of pro human rights secularists of Iran and to legitimize the Islamic Republic.  They try to get the world press to be silent on organizations like MEHR that have been the only ones speaking seriously about dealing with IRI's crimes against humanity and has worked tenaciously to create a pro human rights Iranian voting block and a real Iranian lobby in the U.S. and not an IRI lobby which the IRI lobbyists have made.


When the wife of IRI's president is invited by South Africa and the so-called First Lady of Iran meets Mandela's wife to discuss women rights issues and the press just advertises it, it shows the world does not know that the women in Iran are not even allowed to dress as they wish, and they are forced to wear a scarf and have no right to get a divorce, and do not even have the right to travel without permission of their husband, and if their scarf moves a little bit, they are taken in by the morality police to be beaten up.


Treatment of women is the every day terrorism of IRI inside Iran that is being ignored by the so-called progressive organizations and personalities such as Nelson Mandela himself, who has been only appeasing IRI all these years.  The IRI-supported-press are the ones that have the upper hand in the Iranian press abroad, because of being financially supported by IRI, and they censor serious fundamental exposure and critic of IRI.  


Many international progressive forces in the world are silent about IRI's crimes against humanity, and many of the leftist media are fully behind the so-called Islamist "reformists" without pay, because of their erroneous mindset of cultural relativism, and go for so-called IRI reformists who still support Khomeini's fatwa to kill Salman Rushdie. 


When no serious force is supporting the secularists of Iran, what can one expect in getting rid of Islamist terrorism when the Mecca of Islamist terrorists' dream is protected by appeasement.  What can one hope when the Shi'a Islamists are being helped in Iraq to ascend to power when already the same approach in Afghanistan with Sunni Islamists created the Taliban which the West later had to remove.


As noted eloquently by Steven Emerson, the Islamist terrorism is not just an issue limited to the Middle East or to Middle East natives.  In fact, the ones who have fought it the most have been the secularists of the Middle East, and let's remember some of the brave Iranians who even at the risk of their lives held a Candle Light Vigil in Tehran on Sept 18, 2001 for the victims of Sept 11th.


It is time to know that the same way American Dream is what kept democracy and secularism going in the U.S. and abroad, the Soviet "Dream" kept Communism going and the IRI "Dream" has kept Islamism going and unless the Islamist "dream" is ended by removal of  IRI and the world learns that it has been a nightmare and not a dream, the world will still have to be dealing with Islamist terrorism which is not by the terrorists of Saudi or Iran, but by the Islamists of other countries, even American or British, who want to change their society to the Islamist Dreamland these terrorists wish for. 

Hoping for a Futurist, Federal, Democratic, and Secular Republic in Iran,

Sam Ghandchi, Publisher/Editor
Sept 11, 2003




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