Iranian Unity Plans with Leftist Leadership Fail


In January 2003, before the announcement of manshoor81 (Charter 2003) I wrote the same thing that if the left becomes the leadership of any unity efforts it will fail.  The Communist path which is the path of the left *has* failed miserably in the whole world to the point that they themselves do not stand up and call themselves communist anymore, then how do they expect their ideology in the background to be able to unit the Iranian opposition.  They have the same problem as the Islamists who cannot come to grips with the reality that their path has ended miserably and try to save their religion by shutting the dissidents.


Talking about Communism and its failures is not a guesswork anymore and is a fact.  After the fall of the Soviet Block and the experiences of Vietnam and Far East, anyone with the slightest information of world politics knows about it, except the guards of the leftist religion who have been promoting cultural relativism all these years and are masters of making the political differences seem like personal fights rather than answering to the issues raised, and issues are raised no longer just by me, and their own former members who have turned monarchist and publish in Kayhan London and elsewhere are raising issues with them.


There are people who are still alive and know about death threats by the Left to the ones like me who rejected the left. The left has been acting like a mafia in Iranian political circles and they think they can evade the discussion of real issues by calling the critics as CIA,  monarchist, or MKO.


What are the real issues?  What are the issues about Charter 2003 ?


I started a new discussion about unity of Iranian opposition by writing the platform of the futurist party in July 2001.  My point was that for unity we need to see what is a platform that has the blueprint for the future of Iran.  I even wrote a minimum framework version of it for a wider acceptance. 


The leftists tried to trim it and took out the clear demand to *remove IRI* and Islamism and removed opposition to the *state economy* out of it. 


They said theirs was a different effort for creating a unity plan, and even if true, it does not change the fact that the final document did not have these two important points.  Of course there were other differences too.  I asked for a demand not to allow Shi'a clergy in any branches of the future state as long as the clergy member is holding a position in the parallel religious organization, and I also called for federalism.


These were the same flaws that in 1981, shorAyeh motahedeh chap failed and I even left it after the first founding meetings and said that I reject the *state economy* which was the foundation of the program they tried to formulate, and today after the experiences of Soviet Union they still want to keep a watered down version of state economy as the alternative for Iran, and they censor the opposing views on the excuse of being in English and nowadays even the Persian writing is censored as well.


The left thinks they can lead the unity of Iranian people by a pan-leftist unity plan which they called etehade chap (united left) and have since called it etehade jomhoorikhAhAn (united republicans) but in effect they are doing the same thing by excluding the dissidents who fundamentally oppose the leftist platform. 


Pan-leftism is a reactionary plan which will never work because the left itself is reactionary and outmoded and the censorship of their so-called open papers \proves it more and more, when they use a facade of very polite and academic discourse but remove the major critical submissions that are crucial for the formation of a real alternative to IRI, and it is all because they work with a faction of IRI hand in hand,although they do not dare to go and publish in Iran and have never been allowed to campaign inside Iran for parliament even after Khatami having a second term.

They do not like me attacking the leftist platform or raising issues which they think are not the main issues now.  The same mentality that advised the women after 1979 revolution not to fight roosari (head scarves) because it was not the main issue in their eyes.  I consider the left to be a reactionary force  in Iran and if at the time of mashrootiat it was progressive, it has become reactionary  for some time and I do not want Iran and Iranians to give sacrifices to create another Baathist regime this time in Iran.


If they were sincere, they would counter my arguments about the issues rather than attacking and censoring me *personally* because of me attacking their *system*.  Their program is a block to creation of a secular republic in Iran and is for the continuation of Islamist state with new factions of Islamists at the helm. Their plan is just like what hezbe toodeh has done to Iranian secular movement for decades, path of reactionary reformism.


The left has been controlling the mind of  Iranian political intellectuals especially the ones abroad and their schism is because they are a dying force.  They are already dead in Eastern Europe and former Soviet Union.  The left is like a virus for Iranian intellectuals and the sooner it gets discarded, the sooner we will be able to move forward into a  future development, and incorporating some of the new ideas in their old system will not do it, the same way that  Islamists incorporating new ideas into their system make the new ideas pretty useless. 


Let's hope that the efforts for the unity platforms do not end up like the leftist initiatives in the last 20 years which all failed miserably because of the left forcing their leadership and calling others as monarchist or MKO, and I repeat that those attempts failed because the left was leading them and I say the same about failures of Iran that Iran failed in the last 20 years because the Islamists were leading Iran and Iranians are all ears for the analysis of those who are dying for reformist faction in Iran when they themselves do not dare to live there.   And yes I hope to see analysis and political answer by them rather than making the issues *personal*.  The question is about *removing IRI* and about rejecting *state economy* as the answer for Iran.



Hoping for a Futurist,  Federal, Democratic, and Secular Republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi, Publisher/Editor
Sept 5, 2003





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