Islamism Disintegrating and New Fatwa Killings



The news from inside Iraq is that Ayatollah Mohammed Saeed al-Hakim uncle of SCIRI leader Ayatollah Mohammed Baqer al-Hakim, whose group is represented on the U.S.-backed Iraqi Governing Council, and who has been working hand in hand with the IRI terrorist Ayatollahs all these years, has been the subject of a terrorist attack, although he has survived and three of his aids have died.  SCIRI leader Ayatollah Mohammed Baqer al-Hakim is the same person who basically condoned the murder of Ayatollah Khoi a few months ago.


The first time the West learned about fatwa killing was when Ayatollah Khomeini issued a fatwa kill order for Salman Rushdie.  Islamists have been doing these murders by the edicts of top Islamist Ayatollahs in Iran and elsewhere long before there even was the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI), the way they killed Ahmad Kasravi and others, but Khomeini showed this to be a fact for anyone who would still doubt it, that Islamist highest authorities think it is legitimate to kill people for not liking their ideas, and they *are* the ones issuing these murder orders, which exactly was the case of Salman Rushdie.


What *is* new today is the broad scale of fatwa killings of rival Ayatollahs or religious leaders, with the disintegration and downfall of the Islamist movement, following the fall of Taliban in Afghanistan.  I believe with the fall of Taliban, the process of disintegration of Islamism started and has been gaining momentum ever since.  From those claiming to be reformists in Iran, calling themselves Martin Luther of Islam, to those who mix Islamism with nationalism calling themselves mellimazhabi, the common reality is that the Islamic Fundamentalism of the end of 1970's is now disintegrating.


It was less than a year ago that one of the Islamists of Iran, Hashem Aghajari, a so-called "reformist", received a fatwa death edict and later received a death verdict in the official court of the Islamic Republic of Iran.  Aghajari was a hard line Islamist himself and as I noted before, even when under a death fatwa by the mollahs, he still supported Ayatollah Khomeini's death fatwa against Salman Rushdie, a fatwa which he had supported from day one of that edict, and all those years he had been a hardliner helping Ayatollah Khomeini.  This is why a few weeks ago I wrote that Aghajari does not deserve a Noble Peace Prize, when he was being considered for one.


What has just happened in Iraq is like a movie of mafia Godfathers issuing death sentence for each other.  They are fighting for the position of the head of the failed Islamist mafia. On one side of Iraq, the Sheik Muqtada al-Sadr claims to be the one running the show, and in another corner, SCIRI leader Ayatollah Mohammed Baqer al-Hakim with the help of IRI leaders worked to secure more positions in the US-led Iraqi leadership council.


And there are more moderate Ayatollahs like Sistani who asked people to help the U.S. forces in Iraq at the time of Iraq War, while at the same time said not to help the U.S.!!  And even now there are Ayatollahs like the grandson of Ayatollah Khomeini who has gone to Iraq and is asking the U.S. to invade Iran to put his group in charge of Islam, when the Iranian people do not want any invasion.


One thing that surely all these events show is that Islamic fundamentalism in the Middle East is disintegrating more and more, since the fall of Taleban, and anyone who thinks to get some modified version of Islamism in place, is making the same error as those who were hoping to create a moderate Saddam regime after the 1991 Gulf War. 


Contrary to the opinion of some so-called experts of Middle East, moderating Islamism is not what the Middle Eastern people want.  People want full secularism.  Just as they were afraid to say they do not want Saddam until they saw Saddam did not have the power to hurt them, they will not say they do not want the Islamists, until they know Islamists have no power over them. 


Many people still think US and especially UK are behind the Islamic leaders and the mollahs spread these rumors more so that people think they have no choice to get rid of them for good, the same way that Saddam till the last minute tried to tell the Iraqi people that Western democracies wanted his regime in the region and told people it was all on the surface when Western powers called for the end of his regime. 


The Islamists have always tried to deceive the people that the West is behind them, to gain legitimacy, and to dissuade people feeling helpless that there is no choice when the world's  major forces want to keep mollahs in power in the Middle East.  Many mollahs point to the support of the West for Saudi Arabia as a proof that the West wants Islamism in the region. 


This may sound incredible to some Western thinkers who still think mollahs have a great following among the people, that the people inside Iran at the risk of losing their life openly say that they do not want the mollahs, and in fact rather than mollahs helping the U.S. by any pro-U.S. gestures, they try to use the deception of Western support for mollahs, to get the people to follow them in their own country.


Mollahs' "popularity" is just like Saddam's 100% vote.  It is all from fear.  The people living under dictatorships act in a different way from those living under a democracy.  And in Iraq, Ayatollah Baqer al-Hakim at the time of Iraq War and even to this day, on one hand tries to give the impression that the West wants him in power, and on the other hand speaks against the West and Secularism and Western democracies, the same way Khomeini acted during and after the 1979 Revolution until the hostage crisis.


The reason for all the current chaos is that Islamists are trying to save the ship of their murderous order of Slaves of the Islamist God .  The order which has suppressed the Middle Eastern people all these years, and the Islamists are now at the end of their road, when people are calling for full secularism.  The Western diplomats can ask Ayatollah Hakim if he is willing to condemn fatwa killing in Islam now that his own family have been its target?


It is ironic that on the eve of the murderous action of Islamists on Sept 11th, when Islamists claimed that the world wants them to continue their atrocities, and they kept talking of hate for Americans abroad, more and more the people of the Middle East are passing a hand of rejection to the Islamists, and not just the people who do not care for religion or Islam, but even a great majority of Muslims do not want to hear or see the Islamists anymore, and have had enough murder and terror of the Islamists especially in the last 30 years.


The people of the Middle East want nothing less than full secularism in the region and the so-called Western experts who try to create another moderated variety of Islamist regimes for the people of the region should listen to the Middle East, when people do not fear the soldiers of Islamism.  What a change in the region after the fall of Taleban.


Sam Ghandchi, Publisher/Editor
August 25, 2003

Postscript Aug 29, 2003- Please also see the following article about the murder of Ayatollah Hakim by the terrorists on Aug 29, 2003:






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