Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي In 1979 and 1997 Focus was on Form of Change and not the Progressive Content
Sam Ghandchi
در 22 بهمن و دوم خرداد شکل تحول عمده شد و نه محتوای ترقی خواهی



On February 11, 1979, by focusing on the form of *revolution* including the armed struggle to make a change in Iran, and not emphasizing on its progressive content, the result was a reactionary revolution (1). On May 23, 1997, by focusing on the form of *reform* including the leverage of the election to make a change in Iran, rather than emphasizing on progressive content, the result was a reactionary reformism (2). In
history, American revolution was armed, but ushered in, a democracy, while the October Revolution in Russia, was also armed, but ended in despotism, the difference was in the content in the respective outlooks of these two revolutions. The same can be said about the results of various reformist movements in history that the content of the prospects of progress and democracy has determined the outcome. The December 2017 Uprising in Iran emphasized the progressive content of separation of government and religion (4), and clearly focused not on the form of revolution or reform, but the content of a secular, democratic and futuristic republic (5). The twenty-first-century revolution of Iran (6), which has started for more than a year, identifies itself not with its form but with its 21st century content, and for this reason, when a leading force such as the Iranian secular Democratic Party (7) speaks of this transformation, with emphasis on the 21st century outlook of the upcoming change, plans for the prevention of dictatorship (8), rather than imagining that by choosing *the form* of the next transformation, one can guarantee democracy or dictatorship. Friends who have recently gathered in a current called Farshgard (9), can ask themselves the same question.

Hoping for a democratic and secular
futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi

November 8, 2018




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ایران آینده نگر: آینده نگری در برابر تروریسم
Book Review of Futurist Iran Book by World Future Society, WFS

2. Reactionary Reformism

اصلاح طلبی ارتجاعی 
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3. December 2017 Uprising

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6. Iran's 21st Century Revolution

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8. After Democracy, How to Prevent Regeneration of a Tyranny in Iran
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