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Postscript July 21, 2017

What we witnessed in Prince Reza Pahlavi's interview with Jon Gambrell on April 9, 2017 is still unanswered by both of them (1), and is a confirmation of what has been stated 14 years ago in the following article.



For the last two years, the democratic forces of Iran have been writing over and over to Prince Reza Pahlavi, that if he is sincere about viewing himself as an ordinary citizen of Iran, and if he is honest about his support for human rights, then to *abdicate the throne* and also to condemn the atrocities of 28-mordad and the post-1953 atrocities of Shah's Savak, in no uncertain terms, to join the secular republican movement to end the rule of IRI in Iran.  Unfortunately RP has shown that like Mohammad Reza Shah, he will just give a deaf ear until things have passed beyond repair. 


I have lost my hope in RP making any significant change and seeing more and more shahollAhi Savakis to attack me even personally, has proven to me that RP is not going to do the right thing, to join the pro-Democracy movement, which *is* republican, and that he is trying to misuse the pro-Democracy movement and the U.S. help, to bring back the Pahlavi monarchy to Iran. 


Thus I think it is time to ask the United State government to announce in no uncertain terms that U.S. forces are not going to be the launch pad for Prince Reza Pahlavi to come back to power in Iran.  RP has stopped even responding to Iranian democratic forces that have been repeatedly asking him to hear that we do *not* want the return of monarchy.  Many factions of monarchists have already left the monarchy platform, and have called for a free republic based on free market economy, but RP is listening more and more to ShahollAhi Savaki dictators who are the reason why Iran is where it is today.


I myself have written many times to Reza Pahlavi in open letters and he could have responded to my numerous calls in his public interviews a long time ago, where he frequently interviews on behalf of Iranian people all the time, but he keeps on ignoring this most important point of Iranian people's voice that we do *not* want the return of monarchy.  The whole complain of Iranian people about Khatami has been the fact that VF (Valie-Faghih) and GC (Guardian Council) under IRI act like monarchy, and people even call the VF Khamene'i as the new Shah, to show their dissatisfaction with IRI, because he does not give a hoot about the office of president.  In other words, the word Shah they use for Khamene'i, is to show what they hate,  then how could people want the return of full monarchy, when their main complaint of IRI is the partial monarchy of Khamene'i and Khomeini before him. 


Therefore to any honest observer of Iran, it is obvious that Iranian people do not want the return of monarchy, then how can this obvious fact be hidden from the eyes of Reza Pahlavi, unless he is after his vested interest of returning Pahlavi monarchy to the throne, with the U.S. help, and tries to use a formula of referendum for republic vs monarchy to fool people, which has actually turned off the people from even supporting the referendum slogan. 


Reza Pahlavi has become so uncaring even to respond to the Iranian intellectuals, the same way the Shah always ignored to hear our voice, and finally people had to come out with their feet on the streets, to say that they do not want his system.  Is RP hoping for U.S. help like the Shah, and then when failing, is he going to blame the U.S. again, rather than himself not responding to the call of Iranian intellectuals before the situation gets worse?  Does he think the U.S. press and officials are going to make the change in Iran, or he believes in the Iranians, and then why doesn't he spend his time to talk to Iranians?


The reality is that times have passed when Iranians did not have other organizations. Iranians today have many secular republican organizations that are way more organized than they ever were during the Shah's time, and can move to take power without RP and MKO.  The shahollAhi Savaki generals of the past Shah's regime are a few people living outside Iran and they are not supported by any activists inside Iran, and in fact they are hated by the human rights activists inside Iran, for their involvement in suppression of human rights in Iran during the Shah's regime. 


Shah's former Savaki generals are writing their dreams of return of monarchy to Iran, and a few U.S. officials may still believe them, but the reality is that such dreams are nothing but nightmare for the Iranian people, and the fear of any such event is helping the IRI to stay in power, because as I noted before, the Iranian people's fear of return of monarchy and their fear of MKO coming to power are the two reasons for the recent movements not becoming popular, and the more the United States is identified with RP or MKO, the more Iranians lose hope in the U.S. commitment to democracy in Iran.  As far as MKO, I should note that raising the posters of Shariati, which is identified with IRI and MKO, turned off many Iranians to support the students' movement, fearing that it can end up in another IRI or MKO faction ruling Iran for another 25 years.


The United States needs to start contacting secular republican groups of Iranians and should announce in no uncertain terms that it is *not* trying to help RP or MKO to come to power in Iran.  The rumors of United States forming a coalition of RP and MKO, has caused a lot of uneasiness among Iranians who otherwise want a regime change in Iran.  This is a critical moment and Iranian people consider any pushing of monarchy on us as working against our interests. 


Iranians being tired of IRI and wanting to get rid of the IRI regime do not want to see the situation used against us Iranians by U.S. helping the past Savaki generals to push Pahlavi monarchy on us again, what we showed with our feet in 1979 that we do not want.  Imagine if the French people were unhappy with their current republic and the U.S. helped the royalists of France to come to power, using military force, or by using indirect ways helping a coalition with some MKO-type fascist cult.  French people would forever hate America's disservice, if such a thing happened at their time of distress. 


Iranians have said it over and over again that we want a democratic secular republic, and why we do not want Khatami is because he has not, and will not bring a *secular* republic, which is what we want, because he is an Islamist and we do not want his so-called Islamic democracy, or the same plans of the MKO cult which are all different versions of Islamism.  Iranians have always wanted to vote for the president of a republic in periodic elections in a real *secular republic*, just like Americans do in the republic of the U.S. 


When the republic is so important to Americans, why can't the American officials see that we Iranians, just like our American friends, do not want to go back under the throne.  I hope the U.S. to tell Reza Pahlavi that the U.S. will not support him to come to power, and if  RP wants to have any role in Iran's pro-Democracy movement, he should start to listen and respond to Iranians, and his first step should be to abdicate the throne, if he really means what he says to be an ordinary citizen, rather than thinking the world press and American officials are going to put him back on the Peacock Throne.


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,

Sam Ghandchi, Editor/Publisher
July 28, 2003




A Question for Jon Gambrell about Interview with Prince Reza Pahlavi 
سؤالی از جان گمبرل درباره مصاحبه او با رضا پهلوی




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