Down with Monarchy of Shah and Khamene'i



It is the anniversary of 18-Tir and those on several Internet boards who have stayed with monarchy are showing that they are supporting the same Savaki ShahollAhis of the past and actually the ShahollAhis are their leaders.  Or at least they do not condemn Savaki ShahollAhi promoters of Shah's despotism, just like in the past some technocrats of Shah's regime simply were silent, when Shah's Savakis tortured and murdered people. What we see is not the British-type monarchy supporters of late 1600's, who condemned the promoters of past despotism, even more than their republican counterparts. We see the moderate Iranian monarchists as the launch pad of these Savakis who run the show.  Otherwise those claiming to be democratic monarchists should stand up and condemn the Savaki ShahollAhis, even more than the republicans would do.


Therefore in my opinion the Iranian monarchy is basically led by ShahollAhi Savakis, and the democratic forces have the duty to fight the monarchy along with IRI, in the coming 18-Tir and beyond. The moderate forces of monarchy have been informed enough times, and they are not taking action to separate themselves from the ShahollAhi Savakis, whose sole purpose is to take Iran back to Shah's despotism, by using the US military.


I have written before that the answer of Iranian people to monarchy is a big *NO* and the current stand of monarchists proves this fact one more time that monarchy in Iran means nothing more than despotism of  Savaki ShahollAhis.  We Iranians do not *want* Iranian monarchy wrapped in a cover to make it look like Sweden.  Almost a century of Pahlavi monarchy has shown what to expect of Pahlavi monarchy in Iran.


Even before coming to power, the former monarchists are back to the same old despotism and attacks on democratic forces that they did during the Shah's time.  Monarchy is the umbrella for these past Savaki murderous and dictatorial forces who ruined Iran, and were the reason for the 1979 Revolution, and Iranians will fight them for freedom,  rather than unite with them for freedom. This is what I wrote before about Iranians' *NO* to monarchy and they proved it once more, by still being the same despotic force with no respect for democracy:


I think all moderate monarchists who care for democracy and human rights should either join the current republican groups or should form their own republican groups and say farewell to monarchy.  Iranian monarchy is not correctable and is corrupt to its core. 


If Prince Reza Pahlavi really cares for democracy and human rights, he should abdicate the throne, a throne which is like the altar to kill democracy and human rights.  He should spearhead his own republican party or join the existing ones to battle the heritage of both monarchy and Islamism, the two pillars of dictatorship in Iran for centuries. 


And if anyone asks, what can be special about Prince Reza Pahlavi, he could be the first inheritor of the throne who understands the atrocious reality of this tradition for Iranian people, to help Iran and Iranians to say farewell for good to this despotic murderous institution. Iranian monarchy is no Swedish or British throne as I wrote in my following article before, and it is only outright despotism and the nest of murderers and Savakis:


Sam Ghandchi, Publisher/Editor
July 1, 2003


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