Mr. Reza Pahlavi,  Do You Think Iranians Do Not Know?


There are a few Savaki gangs that directly work for you Mr. Reza Pahlavi and they have been spreading rumors against Heshmat Tabarzadi calling him as Rafsanjani collaborator, etc.  Mr. Tabarzadi has been risking his life calling for 18-Tir demonstrations, the same way he risked his life calling for the boycott of the last City Council elections in February this year, when he was in jail.  Mr. Tabarzadi is a symbol of Iranian students who were attacked by IRI in 18-Tir (July 9th 1999).  People like Tabarzadi say to their supporters to believe what they say when they are free, and not listen to what they may say under torture.  They do not equate themselves to Iran, contrary to the Shah, who thought fighting for himself and his family was fighting for Iran and Iranians.


Nonetheless Tabarzadi has even been doing fine under torture.  But the point is that Tabarzadi and his colleagues ask their supporters to support the cause and not to support them as individuals.  Tabarzadi is not running for office.  Jebhe Demokratik and all those who have risked their lives all these years to speak for a secular republic in Iran, are the ones leading the struggle against IRI, and spreading uncertainty about Tabarzadi is actually creating doubts about the leadership of this pro-Democracy movement, rather than being a personal issue about Tabarzadi .  All these attacks are under the pretext of what if Tabarzadi becomes another Khatami.  The moment Khatami supported IRI against the students in July 1999, the students also condemned him.  So why all these terror of Tabarzadi's personality?


Some of these Savakis think that Tabarzadi is a challenge to your RP leadership.  Frankly I do not think anybody will be able to lead the Iranian movement in the image of how Khomeini did, which your monarchist colleagues are dreaming of.  Not just because Iranian people do not want any cult of individual which is true, and not because of people not wanting secularism which is not true.  But simply because Khomeini was able to grab the leadership of traditional religious organization of Shi'a mosques, and I remember even some of his supporters took khoms va zakAt money to him (certain money paid by Islamist faithful to the clergy), when he was in Iraq, over 15 years before the revolution.  In contrast, there are no equivalent traditional secular organizations in Iran for anyone in the secular movement to use as a launch pad.  Moreover, when was the last time anybody contributed even a penny to you RP?  Your supporters actually want you to pay them and not the other way around:)


The fact is that none of the people such as yourself Mr. RP, or Mr, Tabarzadi, are *the* leader of Iranian pro-Democracy movement.  For anyone to be a leader, there should be organizations that would consider those individuals as leader.  Mr. Tabarazdi is the leader of Jebhe Demokratik which is a small group inside Iran, and to that extent he is one of the leaders of Iranian opposition and that is all.  As far as you Mr. RP, you are not the leader of any organization, and have been a personality as long as you supported human rights, and given your name of son of the Shah, you have been getting interviews by the foreign press.  That is all.


Just take a look at the petition to UN below on the support of Iranian students.  Over 700 people have signed it in just a few days.  You also have sent a letter to UN on the same issue.  I suggest that you also put your letter as a petition like this and see how many people will sign your petition?


Instead of leader-making, those who really care for Iran and Iranians should try to create democratic organizations that can crystallize the ideals of this movement which is democracy and secularism.  If any of them is dreaming to be the next Khomeini of Iran, for better or worse, they are just dreaming, and as I noted, there are no traditional secular organizations like mosques in Iran, for these people to get a quick lift to head the Iranian movement, and the real work is an arduous road of organizing and being truthful and honest to people about one's real political plans.  And the fights of pseudo leaders with each other is not even like the tragedy of the fight of Yazdi, Ghotb-Zadeh, and Banisadr in 1979; and it is more of a comedy these shahollAhi Savakis have started by attacking Tabarzadi. 


I remember Ordibehesht 1356 (April 1978) when I was in Iran and had just returned from a trip to Kashan and Yazd, where there were demonstrations in Iran in those cities in Norouz of that year, and I remember Shah's soldiers shooting the protesters.  The events in Kashan and Yazd  that year had followed the events in Qom.  I remember Mohammad Reza Shah said in a speech on TV at that time, which was almost a year before the revolution, that he the MRP had *heard* the people, but later instead of adopting for democracy, he created Sharif-Emami and then Azhari's military governments, and continued the repression till nine months later, when he finally chose Bakhtiar, but it was too late and the MRP's regime was overthrown by force. 


Today the Iranian opposition has been saying it to you RP that the only way you can help the pro-Democracy movement is to abdicate the throne.  Instead we see shahollAhis attacking Tabarzadi, and we see you RP working closer with the US, hoping to get to power by their military help.  If Shah's coming back to power in 28-mordad coup was a tragedy, you RP's coming to power by the US forces will be a real comedy; because the *only* reason Iranians even cared for you was because you distanced yourself from monarchy for a while, and spoke about human rights abuses in Iran, which by the way has been going on for centuries before IRI.  We all know human rights abuses did not start with IRI and the notorious Evin prison was built by the Shah and its notorieties date back to Shah's regime and its murderous Savak.


MRP said he had heard the Iranian people in Ordibehesht of 1356 ( April 1978) but he had not really heard the people.  Will you RP please hear the Iranian pro-Democracy movement to abdicate the throne before it is too late?  Or are you RP going to make the same mistake MRP made, by supporting Savakis again, and only finally going for another Bakhtiar when it is too late!!


I do not care if you RP want to abdicate the throne and help Iranian pro-Democracy movement or you want to be forgotten like those two monarchy hopefuls of Iraq.  That is your choice.  What I care is to inform the Savakis who are spreading rumors against Iranian pro-Democracy activists like Tabarzadi, that they are doing exactly what IRI and MKO and mellimazhabis have been doing all these years, because of their hate for a secular republic in Iran, and because they see Tabarzadi and Jebhe Demokratik as an alternative to their "Islamic" democracy oxymoron, and you RP should take a stand on these Savaki attacks on pro-Democracy movement, that are being waged in your name against Tabarzadi, or this action of your supporters will be written on your behalf.


Finally Iranians have been used enough times and nobody will be fooled by any human rights slogans to allow the return of the nightmare of Pahlavi monarchy.  We will resist it the same way we resisted these Savakis for decades during the Shah's regime, when we were killed and tortured by Savak.  Iranian freedom-loving people are not stupid to be fooled by cheap talk of human rights by those who do not condemn the century of human rights abuses by Mohammad Reza Shah and Reza Shah before him.  If you RP really mean human rights, you should condemn the Shah's atrocities, in no uncertain terms, and you should condemn the 1953 CIA coup of 28-mordad and more important than all, you should abdicate the throne for good. 


We do not need a constitutional monarch. Even as late as April 1978, there was a chance for the Shah to become a constitutional monarch.  People go for moderating a monarchy when it exists.  True nobody stops those royalists in France to call themselves constitutional monarch 200 years after the fall of monarchy, and the two constitutional monarch candidates of Iraq can dream on as long as they want, but if US and UK try to push such a so-called constitutional monarch on Iranian people, they will only get back the hate of Iranians, the hate Iranians had for US and UK all during the Shah's time.  And if US/UK want to create such a figure head position, they can make a king position for the US and not for Iran.   We do not need such a figure head.


As far as you Mr. Reza Pahlavi, if you are truthful when you call yourself an ordinary citizen caring for democracy and human rights for Iran, you should not pretend to have such a figure head constitutional monarch position, which reminds people of IRI VF, when people have said all along that it is a useless position and they have fought all these years to get rid of this position which only means passing the buck.  Iranians want *accountable* positions and are tired of the figure head games which Khatami and Khamaene'i have played better than all constitutional monarchies.  Mr. Pahlavi, you can pull up your sleeves and start creating democratic organizations in the US, where you live, to show if you are capable of creating any democratic organization, before Iranian people trust you as an ordinary citizen for a *democratic* leadership of the whole Iran.  Abdicating the throne will show if you have the confidence to do it on your own.


Iranian pro-Democracy activists do not want to become the launch pad for Pahlavi dynasty to get back to the throne, and then Pahlavis' only loyalty will be again to their foreign masters who bring them back to power, and to the Savakis who kill and murder for them and have never had any respect for human rights.  The Iranian people and freedom-fighters who have been killed by IRI all these years, for speaking up for democracy and human rights in Iran, will then become the morgheh aza va aroosi (chicken of both funeral and wedding) again, and will go back to Evin prison again, and the first to kill them will be the Pahlavi monarchy Savakis, who are even making threats to pro-Democracy activists right now, before they have even returned to power again. 


You RP have avoided to create an organization abroad, because if it turned out to be a dictatorial organization, it would be written on your record. But how do you want people to trust you with the organization of the whole country of Iran, when the only record of Pahlavi's organization is that of MRP, which was a complete despotic political organization of the country.   As noted, why don't you create an organization abroad where you live, and show that you are capable of making a *democratic* organization, before people trust you with the whole country of Iran to implement a democracy? Pahlavi Dynasty is not a theoretical academic issue for Iranians.  It is a symbol of despotism and even today when Iranian people want to insult VF of IRI, they say Khamenei's VF position is like that of the Shah.


Now is the last chance for you Mr. RP to choose between the Iranian people or the ShahollAhi Savakis.  This is an important historical time and if you RP are with the people, you should abdicate the Pahlavi throne very openly and clearly.  The Pahlavi monarchy whose human rights records has been nothing but torture and killing of the human rights activists and freedom-fighters of Iran.  If you are with the Iranian people, and you truly consider yourself just a concerned citizen, your next step after abdicating the throne is to start a democratic organization, or work and support democratic organizations that exist.  Organizations like Jebhe Demokratik or Jebhe Melli or any former monarchist organization that becomes a *democratic* organization in its political platform and actions.


Sam Ghandchi, Publisher/Editor
June 27, 2003



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