MKO Cult Leaders Must Be Tried for Crimes against Humanity


Following the reports of arrests of MKO cult leaders (Mojahedine Khalgh Organization/MKO/PMOI/MEK) in France and the arrest of several of their members, there has been reports of self-immolation, three of their members having set themselves ablaze, and one of them has already died of the injuries.


I have written in the past that the MKO leaders should not be extradited to Islamic Republic of Iran, and the extradition is illegal by international norms, because the IRI courts are fascist courts that have executed opponents for decades, with no fair trial:


Nonetheless, at the same time, the MKO cult leaders have shown once again that they want to use the life of their cult members to achieve their goals, and this is why they have not asked their members not to set themselves ablaze, and are using the life of their members for their own end of saving themselves.  I have already written about the MKO and its End Justifying the Means tactics:


MKO is the Khmer Rouge of Iran.  The leaders of MKO cult must be brought to justice in a court of crimes against humanity in a fair trial.  The ICC (in The Hague) is the proper place to give a fair trial for their atrocities against their own members and other Iranians.  The former MKO members who had been murdered and tortured in Abu Ghorayb prison of Saddam's regime by the order of the MKO leaders.  I have written on this before too:


Finally those in MKO leadership who are innocent, should take the lead in liquidating this organization which has been nothing but a block to the growth of pro-Democracy movement of Iran.  The MKO has worked with Saddam's fascist regime for decades, and only has damaged the pro-Democracy activists of Iran, by playing with the reputation of Iranian pro-Democracy leaders creating the propaganda calling known Iranian activists as IRI Vevak, and even hurting the ones who were the former members of NCRI.  They did not even stop at threatening the life of their opponents on open Internet forums.


MKO cult leaders have no respect for people who have sacrificed their life for democracy movement of Iran, and now they are sacrificing their own members to set ablaze to save themselves.  In a different way, they sacrificed former members, who opposed their policies, by giving them to Saddam Hussein's security, and tortured and murdered them in Abu Ghorayb prison of Saddam, when Saddam even traded some of those dissidents with IRI for captured Iraqis.


MKO is a fascist cult which is *not* part of Iran's pro-Democracy movement, and if it was not because of this cult, IRI would have been gone long time ago.  Anybody from MKO who wants to be part of Iran's pro-Democracy movement should condemn the human rights violations of MKO over the years, and should condem the MKO collaboration with Saddam's regime, and should clearly call for the liquidation of this fascist cult, which has already done enough damage to the Iranian pro-Democracy movement.


The world public opinion should not fall for the false cries of the MKO leaders, and the activists should not be intimidated by the MKO hitmen.  They are experts in using carrot and stick tactics with Iranian opposition, and have not done anything with honesty and decency for a long time, and they have no respect for freedom of thought and freedom of expression.


MKO leaders tried to use their organizational power to destroy the Iranian intellectuals who challenged the MKO cult, and when in Iraq, they murdered those former members who challenged their strategy and tactics.  One of their leaders who was a wife of a dissident who had escaped from their camp, only regretted that they did not kill the dissident, and they published this in their paper mojAhed.  Let's make sure they get a fair trial in an international court of crimes against humanity.


Sam Ghandchi, Publisher/Editor
June 18, 2003


P.S.  Below are some of my past articles that are either about MKO or relate to it:


P.P.S. An excellent article about cults by Flo Conway and Jim Siegelman, the authors of the book "Snapping":


Postscript June 5, 2003 MKO is a cult like any other cult. If members of a cult are deprogrammed by force, they either become very flaky or they end up to make a cult of the deprogrammers. The proper way is to provide information and let them make decisions for themselves.  True the proper way takes longer to work and is the hard way to get people out of a cult but it will help them to become free thinkers and solid rather than becoming flaky and jump from one cult to another.  Basically a cult is built on three things:

1. Secrecy.
2. Unverifiable statements.
3. Destroying personality.

I) The first, that is *secrecy*, means that the cult shares some useless info with the member but says it in a secret way and says hey you are the only one who knows this and this way the cult member feels privileged.

II) The second, that is *unverifiable statements*, is that the cult member is told that so and so thing is a fact, but only certain people can see it, for example only believers or the real az-jAn-gozashteh or the chosen like Saints, etc can see it. So the member cannot ask such "truth" to be examined objectively by just anybody for verification. Simply a cult is built on nonscientific (unverifiable) so-called "truth" statements.

III) Finally a cult is built on destroying character and personality. For example the EST cult in their first session with new candidates, call the person an *asshole* and all kinds of degrading things, and make them feel worthless. Or the political cults bring examples of az-jAn-gozashteh and call the new candidate as a worthless bourgeois who just cares for himself ... They attack the individual's family and upbringing and anything else that gives the person an identity. This is why many who have left cults, especially if by force, and thru deprogramming, have ended up to become very flaky, and have a hard time to think for themselves.  I wote an article about cults a while ago.  Also Conway/Siegelman's book "Snappy" and their article in Information Disease are excellent works in this field.



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