False Allegations of Jonbesh.org ??




There is an Internet site called jonbesh.org that has published a few communiqués in the last three months making personal attacks and defamation against some of the respectable IRI opposition activists such as Gholam Reza Mohagerynegad, accusing them of stealing donation money, etc, without introducing themselves, and they just refer to themselves as Iranian students, but their work has just been playing with heysiat (the reputation) of some honest people like Gholam Reza Mohagerynejad and Dr. Hassan Massali. 


If they had been straight forward, and honestly said who they are, and had fought the political positions of those they oppose, rather than making personal attacks and defamation, I would never even write this article.  But they have tried to give the impression of being various republican or monarchist individuals or groups, which they are not, and have tried to create suspicion among various groups, to hurt the cooperation of various groups and individuals within IRI opposition, and I condemn their dishonesty and personal attacks.


Jonbesh.org, on April 2, 2003,  sent out as an email trying to defame Gholam Reza Mohagerynejad.   They sent it to a list of IRI opposition groups and press.  Two days ago, on May 21, 2003, they sent another email about another honest IRI opposition activist, Dr. Hassan Massali.  Both emails are attached to the bottom of this article.  It is obvious that they have tried to create suspicion between these folks within IDF and Jebhe and also have tried to spread the rumor about some honest monarchist groups who have no knowledge of the actions of these people, and they do not say who they themselves are.  Instead they have made a rumor that jonbesh.org is the same as some other honest people in Iranian opposition.


But checking the registration of jonbesh.org shows that they are the same people as the emroozetehad.com.  And the site is registered to Iman Samizadeh at iman@emroozetehad.com which is from emroozetehad.com.  Public Internet registration of jonbesh.org is attached below:




And looking at emroozetehad.com web site, I see recommending a news site called PeykeIran ( www.peykeiran.com ) and I see the articles of someone by the name of Farhad Hamzehloo ( http://emroozetehad.com/maghalat.htm ).  But they do not mention about their relationship with jonbesh.org.  Also on jonbesh.org site, they do not say anything about their relation with emroozetehad.com


So obviously this jonbesh.org is not related to the republican and monarchist groups that are being rumored to be related to, and why these people are not straight forward and say their real political affiliations, and try to create suspicion among various forces that have legitimate political differences among themselves is a mystery.  Why not be honest and clearly say their real political affiliations rather than creating misinformation and defaming the honest people by personal attacks? 


They start their communiqués with the word ahoorAii!  Why do these people try to play with the reputation of honest people like Gholam Reza Mohagerymegad and Dr. Hassan Massali and try to blame it on some others?  Who is going to benefit from all this?  Why can't all the political forces with all the political differences they have, to be honest and play a fair game when contesting their contenders!  We are going to have our political differences long after the disappearance of IRI, and we should all learn to have honest debates of our political differences, without personal defamation of our opponents.  Honesty is the first rule of a fair game! 

Sam Ghandchi, Publisher/Editor
May 23, 2003






Jonbesh.org email of 4/2/03 about Gholam Reza Mohagerynejad:





Jonbesh.org email of 5/21/03 about Dr. Hassan Massali:




موضوع خبر : : تکذیب
(مقوله: جنبش)
ارسال شده توسط
Sunday 18 May 2003 - 17:35:30


به نام اهورای پاک



در خا رج از کشور شایع شده است که آقایی به نام حسن ماسالی ، نماینده آقای طبرزدی درجبهه دموکراتیک، ضمنأ جنبش دانشجوئی و فعالان اصلی آن را نیز نمایندگی می کند .
ما به اطلاع عموم هم میهنان میرسانیم که ایشان نماینده جنبش دانشجوئی وما فعالان این جنبش نیستند .
در آینده نزدیک ما به مسائل مربوط به جنبش دانشجوئی مشروحأ بر خورد خواهیم کرد .

( امیر عباس فخرآور ، محمد گنجی ، کوروش صحتی ، ایمان سمیع زاده ، حمید علیزاده )


پس از تائید ضمنی نامه فوق در تاریخ 28اردیبهشت ، از طریق پست الکترونیکی خبر رسید که دو تن از امضاء کنندگان لیست ، احمد با طبی و کیانوش سنجری مایلند که نامشان از لیست امضاء کنندگان &# 1581;ذف شود .


This news item is from Jonbesh.org
( http://www.jonbesh.org/comment.php?60 )



domain:				jonbesh.org
created:			02-Dec-2002
last-changed:			27-Jan-2003
registration-expiration:	02-Dec-2003

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nserver:			ns20.schlund.de

registrant-firstname:		Iman
registrant-lastname:		Samizadeh
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registrant-city:		Stockton-on-Tees
registrant-ccode:		GB
registrant-phone:		+44.7944501751
registrant-email:		iman@emroozetehad.com

admin-c-firstname:		Iman
admin-c-lastname:		Samizadeh
admin-c-organization:		None
admin-c-street1:		Hartingtonroad
admin-c-pcode:			TS18 1HD
admin-c-city:			Stockton-on-Tees
admin-c-ccode:			GB
admin-c-phone:			+44.7944501751
admin-c-email:			iman@emroozetehad.com

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tech-c-lastname:		Hostmaster
tech-c-organization:		1&1 Internet AG
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