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The following is an article by Mr. Daniel Pipes in NY Post where he is recommending to the U.S. to cooperate with MEK:




Mr. Daniel Pipes thinks the problem with MEK is basically the issue of terrorism, which he is discussing in his article.    The reality is that MEK is a huge cult, much bigger than the cult of David Koresh, and the main issue with MEK is its violations of human rights of its own members who wanted to leave the cult and also their harassment of Iranian opposition. 


It is true that most people who have joined this cult, did not do it out of their love for Saddam Hussein, with whom MEK cooperated for years.  In fact, those who joined MEK did it because they wanted to fight the Islamic Republic of Iran, which has been oppressing Iranian people for 24 years.  Therefore I concur with Daniel Pipes to care for the MEK membership and to protect them against IRI attacks.  The members of this cult should not be punished for their genuine intentions, that had been the rightful aspirations of all Iranians to oppose Islamic Republic of Iran, and they should be protected by the U.S. army from IRI attacks.  But protection is different from giving arms to them, which Mr. Daniel Pipes suggests, while MEK structure and leadership is still intact.


The leadership of MEK has been accused by many former members, some even high-ranking, of violations of human rights of its members over the years, and some who were finally able to escape, have reported jails, torture, and death of dissidents.  Here are some of their interviews with U.S. Radio Farda and other radios in Persian:






The MEK cult harasses anybody in the Iranian opposition who differs with them, and they call their opponents as IRI Information Ministry agents and Vevak, to shut up their opponents.  I have witnessed this myself.  They have called known Iranian independent political personalities like Khanbaba Tehrani and Matin Daftari, who were former members of NCIR, as IRI Information Ministry agents, when those people stopped working with MEK and left NCIR.  NCIR is the National Council of Iranian Resistance, which today is an MEK front.


I think the MEK former members who have spoken in the above interviews are credible, and their allegations about MEK leadership should be reviewed, in a court of crimes against humanity, and those in MEK leadership responsible for those atrocities must be brought to justice. I think these former MEK members should be included in human rights teams visiting MEK camps and the U.S. should allow the HR organizations to visit those camps in Iraq, to investigate the allegations of human rights violations.


As long as the people in the leadership of MEK, who have been involved in the human rights violations, are running that organization, it is wrong for any state or organization to cooperate with MEK, without seriously taking these issues of human rights violations into consideration.


I should emphasize again that there are people in MEK who have joined that organization, not to work for Saddam, but to fight the atrocities of IRI, and their human rights should be defended, and those would be the real beneficiaries of HR monitoring of MEK.  And I am sure there are reformers inside MEK, even at the leadership level, who care to end the anti-HR practices and MEK attacks on IRI opposition, and those individuals should likewise be helped by international HR organizations, in their own struggle against the dictatorial and cultish practices of MEK. 


In short, any cooperation with MEK should be based on human rights conditions and those in MEK who are responsible for the violations of human rights, and harassment of Iranian opposition, must be tried for their atrocities in an open court of crimes against humanity.


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,

Sam Ghandchi, Editor/Publisher

May 22, 2003


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