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Ray Kurzweil is a leading visionary futurist of our times while being an inventor, a great thinker and a scientist. For years, I have learned a lot from reading the encyclopedic works of Ray Kurzweil (1), and I have been fortunate in the last 16 years to receive comments from Ray on my technical, scientific and philosophical articles and books (2), despite his very busy schedule. Ray's input were always a confirmation for some ideas which required deeper knowledge of areas I touched on, that Ray Kurzweil is the foremost authority on those subjects including exponential change for food production which he also published on his own web site (3) and technological Singularity where his review of my book on New Variant helped me a lot to finish the work (4). In one instance, Ray's comment on an article of mine entitled "Two Paths beyond Singularity" which was published in 2012 can still be seen on top of the article (5) where I had said Kantian synthetic propositions will be better handled by biological intelligence than AI, but four years later in 2016 after a report by IBM scientists, I found out that I was wrong in that article and Ray was right in his comment, and I noted this in an article in 2016 (6). A new article I published yesterday is a further discussion of that topic (7). Ray Kurzweil has also contributed some original works to my site about the impact of his Law of Accelerating Returns on Housing, Clothing and Food (8) and has supported some original thoughts on topics such as the advancement of our Common Sense (9) and Self-consciousness (10). I am indebted to Ray Kurzweil not only by reading his works but also by him taking the time to comment on my own works. I wish him to beat the death for all of us which has been a lifelong journey for Ray Kurzweil ever since he wanted to resurrect his beloved late father. In an interview in Persian about Futurism and End of Death, in 2007, I have mentioned many topics from Ray's excellent book entitled "Singularity is Near" (11) and look forward to reading his new book entitled "Singularity is Nearer" to be published soon.


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi

May 25, 2018




1. Futurism: What I have Learned from Daniel Bell and Ray Kurzweil 
آینده نگری: آنچه از دانیل بل و ری کرزوایل آموختم


2. Singularity Topics with Kurzweil's Comments
مباحث سینگولاریته با کامنت های کورزویل


3. Accelerated returns in food production
بازگشت پرشتاب در توليد غذا


4. New Variant to Meet Human Needs-An Electronic Book
واریانت جدید برای تأمین نیازهای بشر- کتاب الکترونیک


5. Two Paths beyond Singularity
دو راه در فراسوی نقطه انفصالی


6. Kurzweil was Right again 
بازهم حق با کرزوایل بود


7. Is there Room for Metaphysics in Modern Sciences, Second Edition
آیا در علوم جدید جایی برای متافیزیک وجود دارد، ویرایش دوم


8. Ray Kurzweil's Response about Impact of Law of Accelerating Returns on Housing, Clothing and Food
پاسخ ری کرزوایل درباره قانون بازگشت پرشتاب در عرصه مسکن، پوشاک و خوراک


9. Kurzweil and Problem of Common Sense
ری کرزوایل و مسأله عقل سلیم


10. Ask Ray | The future of human self-awareness, deeper mirrors
گفتگویی با ری کورزویل در مورد خودآگاهی


11. Ray Kurzweil: Singularity is Near


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