Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Kurzweil and Problem of Common Sense
Sam Ghandchi
ری کرزوایل و مسأله عقل سلیم

P.S. 05/30/21: Kurzweil: Intelligent Tools, Singularity and Obstacle


I am indebted for this article to a scientist/technologist who does not like to be mentioned.



Ray Kurzweil: Credit to Weinberg-Clark Photography


In the last 40 years, Ray Kurzweil (1) has contributed to raising our common sense by introducing the various aspects of the concept of exponential change. Human common sense has evolved to be linear in its predictions. A simple example is that when we walk, we raise our foot for the next step by thinking linearly of where we will land. This is not the only shortcoming of our common sense. Our eyes see a specific range of wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation referred to as visible light. Our ears hear a certain range of audio frequencies, etc. In other words our senses without the help of various instruments are limited to a certain range which causes our common sense to consider those ranges as "real." And we know for example dogs hear audio frequencies we cannot hear. Augmenting our senses can change our common sense, and surely AI is not limited by such human ranges but its sensors will be limited by the range of our current technology. If AI develops its own "common sense," it will not be like the existing human common sense. We have had equipment for a long time that can sense things beyond human senses; as we know Galileo was able to see the four largest moons of Jupiter only by using a telescope. We have even used the capabilities of our technologies to augment our senses for example when we use glasses. But if human senses get augmented artificially to function beyond our "usual" selves, we may start thinking and understanding the world in a whole new way.


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Sam Ghandchi

May 14, 2018




1. Ray Kurzweil

ری کرزوایل


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