Taking Responsibility: About Reza Pahlavi and Monarchy




kArkAre engelishAst (it is all the work of the British!).  This is a familiar tune from those who rightfully have hated colonialism, but at the same time, did not want to see the responsibility of the people for the events in Iran, and more than that, they usually forget the role of reactionary forces in Iran, which has been responsible for suppression of democracy and the success of colonialist policies.


After the events in Afghanestan and Iraq, there are some Iranians who are continuously talking about Taleban and Saddam being U.S. creations, but they forget again to say that both Taleban and Saddam's Baath Party were internal reactionary forces of Afghanestan and Iraq, that were supported by the Afghan and Iraqi people, and thus again the issue of not seeing any responsibility of the people of those countries, and just blaming everything on the U.S. and other foreign powers.


Why I noted the above is to emphasize something similar that is happening right before our eyes, and I hope we do not go back years from now, and again blame the U.S. or foreign powers for our mistakes today.


Today Prince Reza Pahlavi and the monarchists, for almost two decades, along with progressive Iranian forces, have been challenging the IRI on human rights issues, and they have had the support of people, as far as condemning the human rights violations of IRI.  A few people, including myself, have written that we do *not* want the return of monarchy in Iran, although we support the work of Prince Reza Pahalvi for human rights and democracy in Iran. 


Moreover, I have asked him in an open letter to abdicate the throne, and work for a secular republic, which is the desire of Iranian people, and I can say that with complete certainty, that the Iranian people want a secular republic and not a monarchy.


Now other Iranian people by any means that they have, should give their own message in this regard.  Why?  Well, let's say that monarchy with some foreign support, wins in Iran, before we ever get a chance for any meaningful referendum.  Who should we blame at that time? 


Are we going to blame the U.S. again?  The reality is that foreign powers support what they see as im·mi·nent, just as we saw them supporting Khomeini in the last days of the Shah.  If we do not want monarchy, we should let Prince Reza Pahlavi and the world know in no uncertain terms, *today*.


Prince Reza Pahlavi can hear the voice of the people and make a decision, if he wants to abdicate the throne, and help the unity of Iranian movement for a secular republic or not. 


But if we do not say it clearly what we want, each and every individual Iranian, in any possible way we can, to communicate it, then the only ones to blame, in case of such eventuality, are ourselves, rather than again saying kAr kAre engelishA-st.


Hoping for a Futurist,  Federal, Democratic, and Secular Republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi, Publisher/Editor



April 18, 2003


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