Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Iran Heading for Tienanmen, Where Will U.S. Stand?
Sam Ghandchi

ایران بسوی تیانانمن می رود، آمریکا کجا خواهد ایستاد؟

P.S. 06/03/20: The following article was published three months after Iran's Dec 2017 uprising. Today Chinese police have banned the annual candle light vigil commemoration of Tienanmen in Hong Kong with the excuse of Covid-19.




Iran is rapidly heading towards a situation similar to events of late 20th Century in Tienanmen Square of China. Reformers such as Deng Xiaoping joined conservative leaders of Chinese Communist Party such as Li Peng, declared martial law, arrested extremists such as the Group of Four, and suppressed the democratic uprising in a bloodshed in Tienanmen Square on June 4th, 1989. Today in Iran, we are witnessing a similar situation where Islamic reformists have joined factions of moderates and conservatives to suppress a secular movement that has started on Dec 28th, 2017. They are at the same time arresting regime's extremists such as members of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's Dolat-e Bahar Group. The uprising in Iran has a clear secular democratic outlook (1), whereas the Chinese uprising lacked a clear outlook in contrast to the regime it opposed. Moreover in contrast to China, the pro-regime extremists such as the team of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad do not have the kind of influence in Iran's uprising to be compared to China's pro-regime Group of Four faction, and actually Iranian secular democratic opposition groups that have basically been illegal in Iran in the last 39 years, have the highest influence in the current movement in Iran. Regardless of similarities and differences of Iran's 2018 and China's 1989 situations, the U.S. stand will make an important difference on the outcome of current events in Iran. As we may remember, the U.S. basically saw Deng Xiaoping and his allies as a force to count on in China of that time because the chinese reformists and economic conservatives were clearly US allies in the global competition with the Soviet Union. And once the Chinese government passed the crisis of Tienanmen Square, United States normalized relations with China which has continued to this day. As far as Iran's new uprising is concerned, Donald Trump supported the Dec 28th movement which was heartwarming for Iranian protesters (2). The US stand on Iran's uprising as we enter the Iranian new year in two days, will surely have a direct impact on the future of Iran.



Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
March 18, 2018




1. اتحاد آینده نگر برای جدایی حکومت و مذهب


2. Worldwide Support for Iran's Historic Anti-Islamist Uprising is Necessary
نیاز به حمایت جهانی از خیزش تاریخی ضد اسلامگرایی در ایران

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