Again and again worry about Zionism and Palestine instead of Iran


For years, we spent all the energy to get Vietnamese opposition to get to power. We made all the sacrifices from our lives to distribute the pictures of casualties of Vietnam, to get the US to sign peace agreement. Today when talking to the Vietnamese, we are ashamed to tell them that we are partly responsible for the government they ran away from in boats many losing their lives.


It is not just enough to condemn imperialism. It is important what alternative we are supporting. PLO had more than three years. What have they done? Did they create a democratic state? Did they grow a modern economy or they just continued fighting in secret instead of developing relations and growing the society and just wanted to get more land? If they were there another ten years and got more land what would they do? And we cannot solve this problem of their leadership for them.


We can support the human rights of Palestinians and Israelis but more than that, we should see what it is we are helping. Just making sacrifices will not get the people anything. Vietnam is before our eyes and not only the sacrifices of the Vietnamese people, the sacrifices from the life of every individuals outside Vietnam to make that happen thru demonstrations and protests and see what it is. Not even any of the leftists would like to live in that place.


Palestinian Authority now has a radio station.  What does it broadcast? namAze jome?  Shouldn't Muslims go and create their own TV station and pay for the Islamic programming such as namAze jome from their own donations rather than the state paying for it, in this case Palestinian Authority paying for the broadcast of namAze jome.  And this is what they broadcast with the state's money:


We all know what is wrong with the Palestinian movement but still it is a fad in the Iranian progressive forces to always worry about Zionists ruling us and always think of Palestinian movement as our friends, although the reality of the last 24 years has proven to be the opposite, when the likes of Edward Said supported IRI all the time, but expected from Iranian progressive forces to always exclude and condemn Israel when they never condemned IRI for all the atrocities of IRI:


Others like Noam Chomsky and Robert Fisk have not been much different from Edward Said either and IRI has been using the words of these authors to get the support of Iranian progressive forces all along.  A short look at the policies of various forces of opposition from leftists to MojAhedin to Jebhe shows that they all are pro-Palestine in the Palestinian-Israel conflict and if anybody says to be fair-minded and see both sides there is the faryAd of vAveylA:


The more time passes, I see the wisdom of the students and workers in Iran whose slogan was:


felestino rahA kon, fekri beh hAle mA kon


It is in fact long overdue that we should not be siding with IRI agents and should not ally with them against so-called Zionists, who are none but those who are in fact fed up with Islamic republic.  Forces like Iranian student groups that are directly opposed to Palestinian nonsense *are* the groups that have really fought in the last 20 years in the pro-democracy students' movement of Iran and they deserve our respect even if we differ with them about their alternative for Iran.


Hoping for a Futurist,  Federal, Democratic, and Secular Republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi, Publisher/Editor


April 6, 2003





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