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Sam Ghandchi

چند رساله آکادمیک در باب پلورالیسمِ سکولار و آینده نگر

P.S. 01/25/20: Secularism: Main Problem of Former Religious People is not Superstition




The original version of these essays were written in English, but the current edition especially the Persian translations have been done during a period of 30 years, especially my friend Dr. Esmail Nooriala (1) who published Persian translations of many of these writings in his New Secularism web-based magazine (2), took the trouble of editing the Persian version and hereby I would like to express my appreciation. I hope in the final version, to present all these topics to the readers in one place. At the present time especially that Iranian readers are interested in science (3), and topics related to pluralism (4), secularism (5) and modern futurism (6), perhaps these writings can be useful. I hope next year to do the final edit of this book and to offer it to the public, maybe a book publisher shows up to publish it in print as well. Nevertheless, reprinting and/or distribution of these essays in the social networks is free, same as all other writings of this author if no changes are made (7).


Futurism and Aristotle's Pluralism
آینده نگری و پلورالیسم ارسطو

Descartes and Laity

دکارت و لائیکات


Spinoza's Refutation of Teleology
اسپینوزا در رد علت غائی

Leibniz's Monads and Javadi's CPH

مونادهای لایبنیتس و سی. پی. اچ جوادی

Marxist Thought & Monism -Second Edition
اندیشه مارکسیستی و مونیسم -یکتا گرائی

Pluralism in the Western Thought

پلورالیسم در اندیشه غرب - کثرت گرائی

Pluralism and Russell's Logical Atomism

پلورالیسم و اتمیسم منطقی راسل

A Theory of Uniqueness Value

یک تئوری ارزش ویژه

Intelligent Tools: The Cornerstone of a New Civilization-Second Edition

ابزار هوشمند: شالوده تمدنی نوین


Scientific Worldview and Meaning of Life
جهان بینی علمی و معنای زندگی


Is there Room for Metaphysics in Modern Sciences, Second Edition
آیا در علوم جدید جایی برای متافیزیک وجود دارد، ویرایش دوم




Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
December 7, 2017




Dr. Esmail Nooriala

دکتر اسماعیل نوری علا

Website of New Secularism

وبسایت سکولاریسم نو


3. Philosophy of Science in 20th Century (only in Persian)


4. A Few Results of a Research about Pluralism (only in Persian)


5. What is Secularism

سکولاریسم چیست؟


6. Modern Futurism

آینده نگری مدرن

7. About Reprinting and Distribution in Social Networks

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