I started the Anthology section of IRANSCOPE four years ago, and over the years, more and more people have found it to be of interest to them.  Below is the URL of IRANSCOPE Anthology:


Monarchy Anthology is a new addition to the above and it focuses on articles related to Monarchy and Iran:


Only articles with strong factual information or with good theoretical research are accepted for this selection.  I have avoided to include both articles that are shoAri anti-monarchy and those that are maddAhi pro-monarchy.  On one side, there are enough photos of the Shah and Iranian Royal family, and on the opposite side, there are enough photos of the Shah's statue on the horse being pulled down, and neither one are the kind of additions I had in mind to include in this anthology.


Personally I do not see monarchy as an alternative for Iran and I see it more of history than politics and this is why in my own selected articles, I group my related articles with  history articles and not with politics.  But in IRANSCOPE Anthology, Monarchy section is a subsection of Politics.  It is because there are many monarchist groups who see monarchy as a political alternative for Iran of *now* and surely for the political movement of Iran *today*, Monarchy is *not* just history, and it is a political program of an  important segment of this movement.  Here is one of my own articles, where I have noted the contributions of Prince Reza Pahlavi to the movement for democracy in Iran:


My main interest for this anthology is to raise the mutual understanding of both those who oppose monarchy, as well as those who support monarchy, even if their support is just simply because of not wanting IRI and thinking what we had before is better than what is. 


I will add quality articles to this section of IRANSCOPE Anthology from time to time and I hope it can help the mutual understanding of the republican and monarchist groups of Iranian opposition and to help the activities for writing a new constitution for a secular democratic and federalist future_oriented government in Iran, a constitution that would guarantee human rights, progress, justice, democracy, and separation of state and religion for all the future generations of Iranians.


Sam Ghandchi, Publisher


Nov 24, 2002






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