UN and Islamic Kill Orders for Aghajari, Rushdie, Kasravi



The current ruling of death penalty against Hashem Aghajari on blasphemy charges is not the first and will not be the last by the Islamic clergy.  Here is what I wrote about Aghajari's case two months ago:




The Islamic clergy did similar actions even when they were not in power in Iran, when they issued a fatwa to kill Ahmad Kasravi on blasphemy charges and killed him by the Islamist extra-judiciary militants during the Shah's regime:




And the fatwa order of Ayatollah Khomeini to kill Salman Rushdie is so well-known that does not need me to repeat here:




Many religions have had practices like human sacrifice, as a *religious* practice, but nobody in the civilized world would condone such practices as a religious freedom, and practitioners would be prosecuted on *criminal* charges.  The same goes for burning at the stake, which was a practice in Christianity in Mediaeval times, and Giordano Bruno was brunt alive by the verdict of the Catholic Chruch .  But nowadays any clergy issuing such a ruling in the West would be prosecuted on criminal charges:




There is a strong uprising right now in Iran against Hashem Aghajari's execution verdict by an Islamic Court in Iran:




It is time that the world community to put an end to the Islamic clergy's practice of issuing death rulings for blasphemy.  This is not freedom of religion, the same way that human sacrifice or burning at the stake for blasphemy are not acceptable in the modern world as religious freedom, and their practitioners are prosecuted as *criminals*.  Islam as a whole must either advance and drop this practice or any Islamic group or state still upholding this practice must be treated as a *criminal* institution.


Requiring from religions to abandon some practices before accepting them to a civil body is not a new thing.  I believe UN should institute such a requirement to all member states, about the issue of blasphemy and Islamic religious kill orders, whether it is done extra-judicial as fatwa killings practiced by Islamic ayatollahs, or as state acts of the clerical judiciary in Islamic states, which is officially being done now in Iran by IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran).


Sam Ghandchi, Publisher



Nov 12, 2002




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