The head of intelligence at national police force of Iran, General Naqdi, has said that he would go and "kill the two students, accused of blasphemy, personally, himself,  regardless of his rank, post, and uniform, if the  officials in charge, do not do the job for him."  Obviously what he means by "officials", are the likes of Iranian intelligence agents, who killed Foruhars and writers before.


President Khatami is not able to protect freedom of expression in Iran and having General Naqdi, who openly has said the above, and has previously had records of physically attacking moderates in Iran, is a witness that Islamic Republic of Iran has murderers at the top of its executive branch and this is a threat of crimes against humanity from the highest levels of Iranian government.


I think the situation in Iran should be raised to the U.N., and if individuals like General Naqdi are not immediately removed, a U.N. multinational force should intervene in Iran.  General Naqdi's threats, coming from the chief of police in Iran, are evidence of crimes against humanity in Iran.


I think any of the agents of Islamic Republic of Iran engaged in the West,  proven to be involved in any activity aimed at dissidents, Salman Rushdie, or  others, should be immediately arrested and tried in an open court in the West.


I do not think the issue is simply about freedom of expression or human rights anymore.  I think the hezbollAhis of Iran are proclaiming war against humanity,  just like the day fascists proclaimed war against humanity, by putting the Jews in concentration camps.


These threats of General Naqdi are not talks anymore, and hezbollAhis are openly  killing the people they dislike, the same way they killed Foruhars and writers, and I think the civilized world should firmly stand up to these criminals, and should be ready to respond if the likes of General Naqdi act on their threat.


Please see the following two news articles on the net which have quoted General Naghdi verbatim:




Sam Ghandchi

Sept 29, 1999






* The above article was first posted on SCI (soc.culture.iranian) Usenet newsgroup on Sept 29, 1999


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