Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Saudi Threats against Iran Strengthens Islamic Republic
Sam Ghandchi

تهدیدهای سعودی علیه ایران، جمهوی اسلامی را تقویت می کند

The issues between Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) and Saudi Arabia have been discussed on several occasions in the past (1). Regardless of what country has been at fault on each occasion, any threat by Saudi Arabia against Iran strengthens IRI because it provokes Iranian nationalist sentiments in defiance of a possible foreign Arab invasion as was so evident during Iraq's attack on Iran in 1980's. Any Arab country making a threat against Iran helps Islamic Republic of Iran which otherwise, because of its Islamism has had a hard time to appeal to Iranian nationalism. All discussions of Shiism versus Sunnism are very secondary as Iran is perhaps the only Islamic country which defines its national identity by its pre-Islamic history, and despite majority of Iranian people being Muslim today, the Arab invasion of Iran in early days of Islam is detested by Iranian people to this day. Iranian people still celebrate pre-Islamic Nowruz as the main holiday of Iran, even though IRI tried hard but unsuccessfully to change this tradition in the last 39 years.

Sam Ghandchi, Editor/Publisher

19, 2017



1. Saudi Arabia

عربستان سعودی


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