Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Many Paths Beyond Singularity as Proposed by Kurzweil
Sam Ghandchi

چندین راه در فراسوی سینگولاریته طرح شده کرزوایل

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Four years ago in "Two Paths Beyond Singularity" (1), I argued for the superiority of the biological path to nonbiological at Kantian synthetic truth. At the time, Ray Kurzweil wrote to me: "I disagree that biological intelligence will be better than nonbiological intelligence at anything come the 2030s" and I acknowledged last year that "Kurzweil was right again" (2). As we are approaching Kurzweil's proposed Singularity, the question of paths beyond Singularity is becoming more of a practical matter for humanity. If the experience of singularity at the time of Big Bang as described by Stephen Hawking in his "No Boundary Proposal" (3), should be any lesson for humanity at this juncture of our history, we need to look for a multiverse in human experience when going beyond Kurzweil's proposed Singularity, and maybe now is the only time we can make a decision about what world of many possible worlds we intend to make for ourselves. In other words, we need to think about such options before we reach the point of Singularity because otherwise, we may not really be able to do much about the unexpected paths we may end up traversing once reaching the point of Singularity. Since AI will be the driving intelligence once we reach the point of Singularity, we need to find out the Universal Constants that would shape the potential worlds that AI can make, whether our biological brain can comprehend such eventualities or not. In other words, our course may be to mathematically describe such options, the same way we try to comprehend reality at the beginning of our universe more than 13 billion years ago, i.e. as a potential for multitude of possible universes (multiverse) in our horizon, in a language that is hardly understandable by our everyday intelligence that has developed in the reality we have experienced throughout ages, in a history that has developed based on the universal constants native to us.


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
November 1
2, 2017


1. Two Paths beyond Singularity

دو راه در فراسوی نقطه انفصالی


2. Kurzweil was Right again 
بازهم حق با کرزوایل بود


3. Stephen Hawking, James Hartle and Thomas Hertog: Before the Big Bang 5: The No Boundary Proposal



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