IRI Making the Next Khatami


We all remember when Rafsanjani and Khamenei were promoted by IRI as moderates.  Next was Khatami.  The difference was that IRI did not make him the preferred candidate in the first election, and the people turned the table on IRI by electing him and rejecting IRI's first choice Nategh-Nouri, but Khatami was not any opposition.  He was just a less preferred candidate of IRI and time proved that he sided with IRI and not the students on July 8, 1999.


Now IRI is in the process of making a new Khatami.  Yes Khatami-making is in progress.  Who is  this new one attempting to fool Iranian people?  Well, it is a toss between Mahdavi Kani and Behzad Nabavi.  Khatami's brother is out because Khatami's hanA digeh rang nadAreh.


So what is next?  What is the opposition going to do? Unfortunately some in the opposition are busy distributing the so-called critical writings of Behzad Nabavi and are making a new Khatami  hero out of him.  Also this part of so-called opposition are distributing an article where Israel is equated with IRI hardliners and the goal of the article is to show the opponents of Khatami as the supporters of hardliners and/or supporters of Israel.  This is another trick to tilt the opposition that is fed up with IRI, to feel guilty about opposing Khatami.


If it was an error to view Rafsanjani as a moderate and if it was a hope that turning the table on IRI using Khatami could make this GC candidate, a people's choice, now not going for the elimination of Islamic state, and supporting another one of these so-called IRI moderates, is not an error anymore, it is not even a tragic hope for Islamic democracy oxymoron anymore, it is now a comedy, remembering a phrase from Hegel.  Yes, after all these years of terror and killings of these Islamist Fascists, posing as moderates, it is a comedy if we fall for them again. 


Nothing short of full separation of state and religion and formation of a secular republic is acceptable for Iranian people. Our neighbor Afghanestan is already making strides towards a secular republic and all those who were scaring Iranians that monarchy was coming back were wrong.  Yes, Afghanestan is building a secular republic and we Iranians who had a lot of secular laws even 100 years ago in mashrootiat are wasting time with these so-called Islamist moderates.  Aren't these moderates the same murderers who killed the opposition, working for Khomeini in 1981 and 1988?


Even the ideal state of these so-called IRI reformers is 100 years behind the progressive movement of Iran.  We should say no to IRI and yes to a secular republic and nothing short of full separation of state and religion should be acceptable for us.  We do not need the so-called reformers to speak for us when their goal is to save IRI.  Yes, already Afghanestan is forming a secular republic.  We do not need these reformers to get us what we already had 100 years ago today.  We do not need them to count it as their achievement that Iranian women can have a little bit of their hair out. 


We want to get rid of the veil altogether, which we did over 50 years ago.  Lifting the veil a little bit is not an achievement of Khatami.  His achievement has been for IRI and it has been to bring down our expectations that we think a bit of hair out of the veil is an achievement.  An achievement is to have a full freedom of dress democratically and not still have yAroosari yAtoosari every time they feel strong.  We need to put an end to IRI and not look for another so-called moderate to prolong this 23 years of misery and terror for Iran.


Usher in Secular Republic of Iran

Down with Islamic Republic of Iran


Sam Ghandchi, Publisher
June 12, 2002





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