Fatwa Killing of Ahmad Kasravi and Others by Islamic Fundamentalists




Ahmad Kasravi was shot down in the sahn-e dAdgostari, and where he was lying in blood, there were a few nationalist progressive personalities who worked there, and were present that day, but nobody even stepped up to him, as they did not want to be identified with this great man. HezbollAhis had scared them so much and had made Kasravi a symbol to scare others. I do not want to mention the names. It is enough shame that this great personality of Iranian intellectual movement was so easily killed. And afterwards his murderers got away by the "mercy" of the same Aytatollahs and monarchist courts. Let me also note the fatwa was *not* given by Kashani, as it is written in history books. The fatwa had been given by nobody other than Ayatollah Khomeini himself. Yes, Ayatollah Khomeini held such a high standing in Iranian clergy even at that time.  At the time, Khomeini was at  the helm of fadAiiAn-e eslAm and was the highest authority in that organization which killed Kasravi.


As far as resisting death threats, I think one should learn from Salman Rushdie. He stood up to the hezbollAhis in the best way, by getting police protection, etc. And some idiots called him selfish.  Iranian human rights activists living in the West, have also been getting death threats by IRI autorities, and my advice has been not to be ashamed to get police protection:




True in Iran of the time of Kasravi, the only option for Kasravi after all those threats would have been to get a private police protection for money, and the progressive forces should have helped to collect money for such action. But maybe like many others such as Foruhars in our times, he did not think a need for protection. Lot of times for personalities, they should not think attention to their individual protection is being self-centered  khodkhAhi. This modesty has hurt many of the best in our history  including individuals like Amir Kabir in that list.  Another mistake in the recent times had been, easily accepting ones in your rank that are not checked. This was how both BakhtiAr and Foruhar were killed by hezbollAhis who had penetrated their ranks in a short time, and were able to access directly to Foruhar or Bakhtiar, but that is a different topic from this one, which is fatwa killing.


The Islamic countries' battle of intellectualism and obscurantism is still like the days of Giordano Bruno and many in the West do not know this reality and one good out of the Salman Rushdie's case (hate to use the word "good" for these hezbollAhi murderous activities) is that the issue of their terrorism and fatwa killing found international attention and *unfortunately*  Iranian intellectuals and groups have been the most silent about Rushdie's case and have been fooled by IRI collaborators, who have turned the attention to whether Salman Rushdie's books are great piece of literature or not.  Who cares, I do not even know how great the works of Giordano Bruno's  had been. The point is a different point. The point is death threat by  fundamentalists because of your ideas and how to resist it:




Finally after Sept 11th, the West is now seeing the actions of these terrorist murderers, who openly collect bounty money in Iran to pay a hit man to kill Salman Rushdie.  Today the police in the West is a lot more serious than  the time of killing of Shahpour Bakhtiar.  This is good news.  The book American Jihad of Steven Emerson is a great exposition of murderous  activities of Islamic Fundamentalists in the West, and I am glad that finally the world is no longer silent about these fatwa killings, and similar atrocities of the Islamic fundamentalists.  The killings of Foruhars, Bakhtiar, Ghasemloo, Daniel Pearl, Sept 11th victims, and the death threats of Salman Rushdie, Taslima Nasrin and so many others, by these Islamists, are finally being dealt with in a serious way.  And the Steven Emerson's book:




Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi


June 8, 2002




P.S. 6/10/02-The same way that Nazis gave themselves the license to use concentration camps and justified burning in furnaces, the Islamists justify murdering the ones who have insulted their religion. Nazis called those whom they wanted to exterminate as Jews and the Islamists call for people's head because of insulting Islam.  The justification is irrelevant.  They both are acting to stop the growth of Open Society which has been rapidly growing for two centuries despite the unhappiness of Nazis, Communists and Islamists.  In the case of Nazis, it was only when the Western democracies stopped appeasing them, and specifically when the US opened the Western Front and finished the Nazi system that their murderous practices was put to rest.  I think the Western democracies and the US, after Sept 11th,  have finally come to the point to treat Islamist threat, the same way they handled the Nazi threat.  There is another commonality too.  In both cases of Nazis and Islamists, the West tried to appease them for a long time, and was even their ally against the Communists.  And in both cases, this reality had to be reversed, before the end could be reached.  Afghanestan is where the Islamist Taleban,
who were not only appeased, but were allies of the US against the Soviets, were finally wiped out by the US itself.  This will happen to Islamism as a whole.  I see an end like the end of Nazi Germany happening for Islamism.  I see Afghanestan as just the beginning.  I do not think the actions of Islamists in the modern world is equal to Medieval times.  I think it is actually their way of stopping the expansion of Open Society in the world, whereas in Medieval times, the action of obscurantism was due to the *lack *  of existence of an Open Society, and not because if its presence and growth, and the lack of Open Society was the basis of the Spanish Inquisition, its birth and expansion.  Whereas in the last 200 years, the Open Society has been born in most parts of the world and has been growing, and the Nazis, Communists, Islamists and other fascists have been trying hard to scare it away.  So I think at the time of WWII, the role of Western Democracies in bringing down the Nazi fascism was very important, and I think their role at this time in bringing down the Islamism is paramount, and this is what the leftists are blind to see, and thus have become the helpers of Islamism and Islamic fascism.

















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