Do MelliMazhabis Want IRI to Be Replaced with a Secular Government?


I think the MelliMazhabis are afraid that the Pro-democracy movement of Iran is getting stronger and the prospect of replacing the Islamic Republic with a secular state is getting closer to reality. They try to show such movement for replacing the IRI with a secular state, as a US action, rather than as the desire of the Iranian pro-Democracy movement, which it is. In fact, after the students movement, the teachers movement was the second major social group in Iran challenging the existence of Islamic Republic thru civil disobedience.

It seems to me the mellimazhabis still hope that they can get better positions inside the Islamic Republic and to gain more strength inside the IRI and they are afraid of the prospect of the fall of Islamic Republic, as it may seem to be uncertainty for their presence in power. But in the last 23 years, the IRI has been playing cat and mouse with them and as soon as the IRI sees the US axis threats to subside, the mellimazhabis will get the boot again.

The reality is that the Pro-Democracy movement in Iran today is even more organized than the Pro-Democracy movement in the Soviet Union and Eastern Block, before the fall of the Soviet Empire.

I think MelliMazhabis are doing a disservice to the Iranian pro-Democracy movement by undermining its strength, and by calling the serious movement to replace the regime, as a US action, and by giving the impression that the choice is to keep IRI. I think they should realize after 23 years of IRI, that the choice, even for them, is a secular state in Iran. Separation of state and religion is to the advantage of every Iranian and every honest political group in Iran.


I already had explained in details why mellimazhabis are not an alternative for Iran:

Sam Ghandchi, Publisher
March 26. 2002




P.S. June 3, 2002.  Today's interview of HabibollAh Payman with ISNA is another example of cooperation of mellimazhabis with some factions of IRI fundamentalists to prevent the success of secularism in Iran.







* The above article was first posted on SCI (soc.culture.iranian) Usenet newsgroup on Mar 27, 2002.

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