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Sam Ghandchi

پاسخ این قلم به دکتر ری تکیه


Two days ago, Dr. Ray Takeyh had an article in Washington Post entitled "Itís time to prepare for Iranís political collapse" (1). Mr. Takeyh quotes President Dwight Eisenhower whom in March 1953 when Stalin died, complained of US policy-makers not having any concrete plans for Russia, and resembles that situation to what US policy-makers are facing with regards to Iran of today. I would like to add that still 40 years later, US policy-makers had similar problems with Russia. And I would say that until the US learns to treat Russians or Iranians as equals, the same way the French and British are treated by Americans, the US policy will fail. US policy is to work with currents in Iranian opposition that are willing to be puppets of the US, and exactly those individuals are the ones who have no credibility with Iranians, even if they pretend to be independent. Iranians are smart just like Americans. Think about it, would American people of the time of American Revolutionary War of 1775 trust puppets of the UK? Would the UK sycophants have any credibility with the American people in those days? Please read the article linked below (2) and think about it and judge for yourself if the US understands Iranians?

Hoping for a democratic and secular 
futurist republic in Iran,

Sam Ghandchi, Editor/Publisher
July 7, 2017


1. Ray Takeyh: Itís time to prepare for Iranís political collapse


2. US Still does not Understand Iranians 
آمریکا هنوز ایرانیان را درک نمی کند 



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