Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي The Ignoble at VOA Who Caused my Wife to Lose a Hand
Sam Ghandchi

فرومایگانی که در صدای آمریکا باعث شدند همسرم یک دستش را از دست داد

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These days the VOA Persian management is again remembering there is violation of human rights in Iran but have forgotten when they had the order to be silent about Iran, how they played a game with the life of this author and despite being a capable journalist, eight times my application for permanent position was rejected while I worked six days a week as a contractor at VOA for eight years. Thus, I did not have the legal protection of a regular FTE position for retirement and unemployment, and when the "vessel captain" had a different policy, they easily refused to renew my contract; my only guilt was being committed to VOA's Charter. And not having health insurance benefits, my wife who has rheumatoid arthritis, finally lost her right hand. It is not only the Islamic Republic of Iran that commits crimes, right here in a democracy of the United States, the author of these lines, all these years, was the victim of behavior of the ignoble within VOA management who never even tried to make up for the loss. To read discussions about my experience at VOA, please refer to the links in the footnote (1).


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
July 5, 2017


1. VOA

صدای آمریکا
















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