Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Massoud Rajavi and Secrecy from People
Sam Ghandchi

داستان مسعود رجوی و مخفیکاری از مردم


The story of Massoud Rajavi's absence reminds this author of some groups of Iran's opposition abroad during the Shah's regime that gave their supporters the impression that their leaders were in the jungles of Vietnam or the mountains of Iran busy making a revolution when they were actually living in the United States or Europe and the poor supporters were so naive. Of course, the secret services of US, Europe and Iran were well aware of the reality and it was only the supporters who were treated like mushrooms and were kept in the darkness so that they would in their imagination think of those invisible leaders as the ones who will appear suddenly in Iran and make the world a new heaven on Earth. In recent years, from the words of US and Saudi officials, it is clear that they are well aware of Massoud Rajavi but it is only the supporters and members of PMOI and the rest of the people who are supposed to be kept in the dark with an aura of light which this MEK organization has created, to keep this David Koresh of PMOI from being accountable in the US and European courts from the claims that have been filed by the former members of PMOI against him and the uninformed members of this organization are fed the lies that all this is done to save their leaders from the secret services of Iran and anybody such as this author who questions it, should be ready to receive the abuse and attacks of these people. Of course, as said before, all the secret services of US and Europe are informed about Mr. Massoud Rajavi and it is only the people and supporters who are supposed to be kept uninformed, and congress after congress, Massoud Rajavi, the leader of this cult of PMOI is admired in the presence of US authorities as it happened a few days ago in Paris in presence of Mr. Rudy Giuliani, and the journalists of Persian language international media such as Voice of America (VOA) did not even raise these common sense questions that are being noted here in this article. They do not make such inquiries because the people are seen as mushrooms by these media to be kept in the dark. About PMOI organization enough has been discussed by this author (1) and also about the Persian language international media such as VOA (2), but why the democratic forces do not investigate these issues? Iranian people do not want to become free from the Islamic Republic and end up with another dictatorship, and the way to prevent such eventuality is only through full transparency and the role of independent media is critical in this regard and if the secular and democratic forces do not create independent media, again the dark forces will take hold of power in Iran, the ones that even today in the day light lie to the people and someone like this author who reveals the truth is threatened and kept away from the news organizations and they call what they do as free journalism which is basically, not telling the truth to people and still talk of journalistic conscience.  These issues are not private matters of anybody and are the issues of Iran and keeping them secret can damage Iranian people in our current pro-democracy movement.

Hoping for a democratic and secular 
futurist republic in Iran,

Sam Ghandchi, Editor/Publisher
July 2, 2017


1. Mojahedine Khalgh Organization, MEK, PMOI
سازمان مجاهدین خلق

2. Voice of America VOA
صدای آمریکا