MKO and Leftist Programs

Sacrifices to Replace Omavids with Abbasids



The program of MKO and the Leftists for Iran is the same as IRI  (Islamic Republic of Iran) and all three of them have been spending their time on Palestinian-Israeli conflict. When raising the real issue, one would not get more than personal attacks from hezbollAhis and more than goosheh-kenAyeh from MKO and the Leftists. These people have had their mind set for over half a century and only *act* as if they are naive supporters of Arab states (including IRI) to waste the time of Iranians and to keep Iran and Iranians from going beyond this IRI, which dawned on Iran 23 years ago, thanks to their support of the most hezbollAhi factions and by opposing liberals. They talk of Palestine and Israel to stop Iranians from the real business of changing the regime. It is easy to notice how MKO and Leftists still spend more time fighting the liberals than fighting hezbollAhis, which is because they are in agreement with their pseudo facade of fighting for independence, and to keep Iran a backward country with an anti-imperialist window-dressing.


North Korea and Vietnam are not much different from Iran. Cambodia said *no* to Communism just like Afghanestan said *no* to Islamism. Next will be Iran, just like the whole Soviet Block and Eastern Europe, to say *no* to these backward leftist plans. The position of the Islamists against Israel does borrow from Islamic hatred of the Jews, but as far as policies and politics, the IRI and Baathi Iraq have been executing the same leftists program for 23 years (Iraq and Syria executing such programs even long before Iran) and MKO and the Leftists want to get Iran into the Leftist/Baathi version of the same programs that IRI has been executing in the last 23 years. So they all have been pushing the Leftist program, both the hezbollAhis and MKO, and this is this the basis of their position on Israel.


Their problem is not the atrocities of aggression of US or Israel or else they would be the first to be vocal about the worse atrocities by IRI, which they basically ignore, when the leftist intellectuals like Edward Said and Noam Chomsky endorse IRI, when they did not have any state positions to even call their action as diplomatic relation (even that should not be endorsing such a regime without raising the human rights conditions). Edward Said's travel to Iran was not visiting a scientific or professional organization, it was visiting IRI government and endorsing it. So the problem of MKO and Leftists with Israel and the US is not the aggression of these states. Their hate is for the democracy and modernism in Israel and the US. 


Bottom line is that the leftist and MKO programs will get us to the same system as IRI. It is like all those sacrifices Iranians made to replace Omavids with the Abbasids.


Iranians do not hate Israel.  Most Iranians wish their loved ones, who have serious illnesses, to go to Israel for treatment.  The street shows against Israel in Tehran are as meaningless as the shows in support of IRI.  Times have changed. This is not the time of Iranian Revolution or Iran-Iraq War.  You cannot even find such naive supporters of the regime like one can see by some IRI agents enacted on Iranian forums.  The people hate the akhoond regime of Iran and not Israel.   The demonstrations on the street of Tehran in support of the regime are just like the similar ones by the Shah less than a year before his fall, when the government offices were required to go on such street shows.


Iranians condemn Israel and the US for creating Savak and also condemn the US and Israel support of the Shah's dictatorship.  But this never meant condemning Western democracy, which IRI, MKO, and the Leftists advocated for Iran in 1979 and still advocate it in 2002.  In fact, all those who opposed Savak in those years, should be exposing and condemning Savamma and Vevak today.  n the last 23 years, we have been dealing with Vevak and hezbollAhis and not Savak.  Here is a good source to start:


In short, in Iran today, the mass support that IRI enjoyed in 1979, or enjoyed at the time of hostage-taking, or at the time of Iran-Iraq War has been long passed.  Only some fossilized IRI apologists who think Iran is what it was at the time of the revolution or the IRI agents who try to deceive Iranians abroad by acting as naive IRI supporters are making such depictions of Iran to derail the support of Iran's pro-Democracy abroad.  The ones living in Iran know very well that the regime is holding power by force and the pro-Democracy movement in Iran has no illusion about any mass support for the IRI system and knows it has to deal with the regime's paid armed pasdArs and basijis.  This regime does not have any mass support.  Even voting for Khatami was consciously voting for lesser *evil* and did not mean support of IRI.  The days when IRI enjoyed such support after the 1979 Revolution is long passed and this regime has been ruling by force for a long time and its so-called supporters are on the street because of either being paid or because of being government employee, as I noted, just like the pro-Shah demonstrations in the last years of the Shah's regime.



Sam Ghandchi, Publisher


April 30, 2002





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