Sam Ghandchiسام قندچيMy Analysis of Democrats and Trump could be Totally Wrong
Sam Ghandchi
تحلیل این قلم از دموکراتها و ترامپ می تواند کاملاً غلط باشد

There is no doubt that Democrats focus on Russia to attack Trump. Why Russia? I do not know, because I have no access to the pertinent information, nonetheless, I would like to share my conjecture, which may, not only be far-fetched, but my analysis could well be wrong, and I ask for your forgiveness in advance, if what I am about to write, turns out to be totally wrong. Please just treat this article as a guess work of an independent journalist. So here are my thoughts. Three months ago, I wrote that all these anti-Trump Russia stuff in the press could start another McCarthyism in society (1). But I see that even the most leftist opponents of Donald Trump, have no such fears, and are supporting this path of Democratic and Republican Establishment, whereas I would have expected, at least the Democrats, whether left, liberal or conservative, to focus on saving ObamaCare, which is seriously threatened by Paul Ryan and US Congress, with or without Trump as president.  The most conservative factions of the US Democratic Party, are focusing on Russia thing, and are pulling the leftist and liberal factions with them, an issue, which contrary to ObamaCare, relates to foreign affairs, and I believe, their goal is, to keep Trump from uncovering foreign affairs' blunders of past administrations, Democrat or Republican, especially with regards to handling Islamism. If those high level career personnel in US offices, see Trump's presidency to be short-lived, they will not share with Trump's appointees, what they know of past administrations' handling of Islamism. Places like VOA Persian, best show how previous administrations have handled Islamism, and those are the government offices that once Trump's appointees get to control for real, would reveal a lot of errors of past administrations with regards to Islamism. In fact, I am surprised that despite all revelations about Setareh Derakhshesh (2) and Steve Redisch (3), they are still in charge at VOA Persian.


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,

Sam Ghandchi, Editor/Publisher
June 1, 2017


1. A Critique of Anti-Trump McCarthyism 
نقدی بر مکارتیسم ضد ترامپ


2. Isn't Derakhsheh vs VOA Contractors' Court Case Considered News
آیا پرونده دادگاه ستاره درخشش در برابر کارمندان قراردادی صدای آمریکا خبر نیست


3. Who is Steve Redisch of VOA
استیو ردیش صدای آمریکا کیست

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