Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي My Response to PMOI Stalkers about My Trip to Iran
Sam Ghandchi
پاسخ به استاکرهای مجاهدین در مورد سفرم به ایران


For many years, I have explained about PMOI stalkers active on the Internet sites who try to create fear among the authors not to criticize this Shiite version of Daesh which is called Mojahedin Khalgh (PMOI), or else be ready to receive Islamic Republic agent label from them (1). In fact, also Daesh in Syria calls anybody who opposes them as Bashar Assad agent. Of course, this game of PMOI has lost its power for years because Mojadehine Khalgh have called some of the longtime Iranian activists like my friend Mehdi Khan Baba Tehrani with the same kind of labels when he left the PMOI's NCRI Council many years ago (2), and no need to say that PMOI's insults and attacks, only proved the fact that they have no credibility in the Iranian opposition. Yesterday, after I published an article opposing those who suggest to issue a joint communiqué with PMOI to boycott the upcoming election in Iran (3), suddenly personal attacks against me, were levied by the PMOI stalkers, in facebook, by saying oh people Sam Ghandchi is the one who travels to Iran; and of course my travels to Iran was never anything secret, and always, after every trip to Iran, announced it myself.



This author, in the last 35 years, after my return to the U.S. in 1982, three times, have traveled to Iran, to visit my family, and nobody bothered me in Iran, and I openly reported my trips to Iran on the Internet, every time, after returning to the US. During all these years, abroad, I have been publishing my views on the Internet as a journalist. My first trip to Iran was in the summer of 1995 for a month. My second trip was in the summer of 1998 for a month, and my third trip to Iran was right before the Nowruz of 2014 for a month, and all my trips were to visit family, and did not contact any individual, or political, or journalistic organization, and nobody bothered me either. In fact, our demand should be, for all the opponents of regime abroad, to be able to visit Iran freely, and all opponents inside Iran, should be able to express their views freely; rather than protesting why someone was able to visit Iran without being bothered by the regime. Maybe these stalkers mean that if PMOI was in power in Iran, they would not even have mercy on a journalist like me, just like Daesh which once eclipsed Bashar Assad in Syria, and killed even human rights activists like Kayla Mueller (4). At any rate, about my first and second trips to Iran which were during my journalistic work in SCI group of the Usenet, I reported my trips on SCI itself, right after my return to the U.S., and about my last trip to Iran, which was three years ago, in a report on Iranscope, after my return to the U.S., I wrote about it and the link to my article which was written in Oct of 2014, can be found in the footnote below (5).  Also I should note that personally, in the last 35 years, I was not in Iran during any election, and when living abroad, even anytime that I supported participation in any election, since a candidate of my choice did not get a chance to run, I never participated in any election. In fact, in my whole life, the only time I participated in any election in Iran, was when I voted for candidates of my choice in the first majles election, after the 1979 Revolution. That was the first and last time for me to ever vote in Iran.


At any rate, as a journalist, I have always openly written about my political discussions, and political and journalistic relations, on the Internet. In the view of this author, journalists and political personalities need to be transparent about their relations with governments, whether it is Iranian government or foreign states, because these are not personal issues. And although my trips to Iran were to visit family, and thus a private matter, but to avoid any misunderstanding, each time, I openly wrote about it. Also in all discussions on the Internet, as much as I had the strength, I have responded to all critics, in the next article I published. I wish those individuals and organizations that have been attacking me in the last few days, would also be transparent about the contacts of their own organizations and their leaders, with the various governments, instead of the news of such contacts, to leak, here and there. Also months ago, I wrote that although I support Iranian Secular Democratic Party (6), but as I wrote at the same time, I am not a member of this party and have no interest to know about its organizational details, because I travel to Iran (7), and my acquaintance with Dr. Esmail Nooriala, Hassan Etemadi, Manouchehr Yazdian and other activists of Iranian Secular Democratic Party is solely by reading their ideas on the Internet (8). My views about PMOI is also clearly stated in my articles (9). Finally I should note that I am just an individual, who despite all the personal hardships in life, have discussed political and social issues with a focus on Iran (10).

Hoping for a democratic and secular
futurist republic in Iran,

Sam Ghandchi, Editor/Publisher
26, 2017


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