Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Celebrate Collapse of Daesh by Supporting Secularism
Sam Ghandchi
سقوط داعش را با حمایت از سکولاریسم جشن بگیریم

P.S. Oct 27, 2019: Today it was announced Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi the leader of Daesh (ISIS) has been killed. The following article was written two and a half years ago. I hope the international community after all these years has come to the conclusion that it is the "Time for a Global Secular Initiative."



Daesh state is collapsing in Iraq and Syria but it can come back in a different outfit thanks to other shades of Islamism. It is a high time to pronounce our commitment to secularism-- which defines the future of Middle East (1). The world has suffered tremendously because of the West's support for Islamism in the last century during the Cold War era. Unfortunately even when the Taliban state was overthrown in Afghanistan in 2001 after the Cold War had ended, still the West supported Islamism in the new Afghan constitution and did not care to listen to the critics (2). The same error by the West was repeated two years later in Iraqi new constitution after the overthrow of Saddam Hussein in 2003 and words of the critics fell on deaf ears (3).

Today with the collapse of Daesh in Iraq and Syria, the world is witnessing another turning point in the Middle East when people in the region are turning away from Islamism and acknowledging the value of secularism. The West needs to focus on supporting secular constitutions in the Middle East. And as far as the opposition in the Middle East, time and again Islamic reformists are showing to be the way political Islam keeps surviving through them, till the surge of another Al Qaeda, Taliban or Daesh.

Secular opposition should be aware and not compromise about the full separation of state and religion. A recent declaration for full separation of state and religion in Iran signed by some Iranian seculars sheds light on the path forward (4). In Iran, the 1979 Revolution made the country a hostage to an Islamic constitution. Even the seculars and Islamic reformists in the management of BBC and VOA Persian broadcasting (4) do not oppose the Islamic constitution with its laws of Qesas and Stoning which is the blue print for Islamic Fascism. In fact, BBC and VOA need to advocate secular constitutions for the Middle Eastern countries which is the only way to achieve democratic values that is required by their Charter, to be promoted in their broadcasting (5).

It is time for the secular opposition to clearly distance themselves from those in the management of the press who do not understand the vital importance of secularism in the Middle East especially at a time like today, such transparencies are more necessary, when the momentum of collapse of Daesh is the best proof for the value of secular states in the Middle East. Why doesn't BBC and VOA management broadcast about what happened to women, gays and all others under the Islamic state of Daesh and show the difference under a secular constitution. A global secular initiative (6) is needed today, more than any other time, especially to help the Middle East to exit the atrocities of Islamism of the last half century.


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
March 21, 2017


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