There are a number of new works of fiction published in Iran that are worth reading. They are particularly popular among the women in Iran and some of them are best sellers in Iran. They are not epic works of romantic prose but they show real life relationships of Iranian people and are entertaining, partly romantic, and even educational at times. Among the more famous ones are shab-e sarAb, bAmdAd-e khomAr, rahAyam kon (and other works of Nasrin Ghadiri), parichehr (and other works of M. Moadab-poor), khAkestar-e eshgh, afsAneh del, mohtaram, etc.


Let me note a book which tries to look like the above genre but I believe is actually a hezbollAhi propaganda. The book is called "eshgh va zendegi" and it is by "Zahra PourghorbAn". If anybody else has read it, I would be eager to read your impressions if you post them.

You should be able to easily find it on the web.


What really bothers me about this book is that it is trying to address a common problem of Iranian couples who cannot have children, and it promotes the most backward ways of dealing with this problem in the modern times. If a couple cannot have children, they may decide to live without children. They may see if there is any medical solution for their problem instead of blaming one side or the other. They may decide to adopt a child. And of course some idiots get a divorce because of this problem.


But in modern societies, one may hire a surrogate mother, which is very popular now in the West, and there is a lot of literature about it, and I do not need to explain it anymore, and I hope Iranians use this method rather than the hezbollAhi solution of the book I noted.


The above book, instead of mentioning a solution like surrogate mother, tries to show a dedicated wife who tries to find a second wife for her husband to solve this problem, and not just once but twice. Nowhere in the book even discusses other alternatives for the couple. This is a real ridiculous book not only insulting the intelligence of Iranian women but insulting the intelligence.


Sam Ghandchi, Publisher



March 10, 2002


P.S. 02/26/04

Apparently a law has now passed in Iran that allows surrogate mother

arrangements in Iran.  The following news story is about

"ehdAyeh jenin dar raheme khAreji":







* The above article was first posted on Jebhe BB on March 10, 2002.


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