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Sam Ghandchi 
آیا سکولار دموکراتهای ایران تغییر رژیم می خواهند



There is a discussion in the international press as to whether different possible candidates for the job of Secretary of State in the new US cabinet support regime change in Iran? Doing or not doing a regime change is the business of Iranians, otherwise any foreign country wanting to make a regime change in Iran, would either wage a war against Iran or attempt a coup and both are not desired by Iranians who support an independent Iran. But surely if Iranians decide for a regime change in Iran, we prefer not only the US foreign policy but all other countries to support regime change in Iran. Before the Green Movement of 2009, regime change was discussed thoroughly in Iranian political circles (1).


At the present, as an individual Iranian secular democrat, I do not have a right to vote for a secular democratic alternative in all elections held in Iran. I do not support armed struggle to overthrow the regime; but surely I cannot be against regime change because that is the only option the regime in Iran has left for the likes of me to have a right to vote for our political alternative. I really cannot understand any secular democrat to be against regime change in Iran; surely I know the reason some of the secular democrats do not support regime change is because they are afraid that some forces come to power in Iran which they do not like (2). Personally I am tired of waiting 37 years to have my right to vote for a secular democratic nonviolent party to be recognized by the regime and would prefer a regime change to put an end to four decades of denial of my peaceful right to vote for a secular democratic party (3).

Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,

Sam Ghandchi, Editor/Publisher
November 19, 2016


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