What is the eid for Islamic Republic of Iran? It surely is not Norouz. They are trying to close down Norouz this year. Is it eid-e ghorbAn? I mean that savage ritual eid-e ghorbAn. Have you ever thought what would happen if someone was trying to cut the throat of their son for some God. They would arrest him as a Satanist. This is the Islamic version of what EbrAhim was trying to do before their God sent a sheep down. This is what Islam proudly claims.

And now instead of being ashamed of this horrible thing which they celebrate every year and kill a sheep in front of the kids, they are trying to stop Norouz. This Islamic eid is a very savage eid and they dare to stop the Iranian Norouz now for emAm Hossein. emAm Hossein mourning is a private issue of Shi'a. They can mourn as much as they want. Our eid is Norouz. We Iranians do not have any other eid. Eide-e ghorbAn is a savage eid and is *not* Iranians' eid.

I am not surprised at mellimazhabis who still want Iranian people not to take mellimazhabi's religion as mellimazhabi's private matter and want to keep *their* damn mourning of Imam Hossein as a *national* event. Because they do not believe in separation of state and they want to keep shoving their god-damn Shi'a Islam religion down people's throat even beyond Islamic Republic. Afghanestan is already adopting Shari'a law in its new state and we should be vigilant not to end up like this in the dealing- wheelings of lobbyists and apologists of IRI.

Sam Ghandchi, Publisher
March 15, 2002




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