Sam Ghandchiسام قندچيWhy Hilary Clinton Wins
Sam Ghandchi 
چرا هیلاری کلینتون برنده است

The second US Presidential Debate was held at the Washington University of St. Louis, Missouri. What Donald Trump, in last night's debate, referred to as "locker room talk" has been discussed in the press for a week (1).


The current discourse is exemplifying the strength of feminism in the politics of developed nations. US is even late in this development as compared to European countries, but the trend is undeniable.


Not all female politicians side with feminism, e.g. just read the words of Sarah Palin about this latest Trump controversy (2).


Nonetheless, machoism is increasingly experiencing a losing battle whether in politics or corporate management of advanced countries. This is why Hilary Clinton is positioned to win the US presidential election which will be held in a month.


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,

Sam Ghandchi, Editor/Publisher
October 10, 2016


1. Video of Donald Trump's "Locker Room" talk with Billy Bush


2. Sarah Palin: Give me a break..

Give me a break. Hillary feigns outrage over Trump's locker room trash talk (it IS trash - however, as a former sports reporter I've heard much worse in locker rooms. I kinda think Hill has too. If not, she needs to close her virgin ears and just wish away her participation in extremely crude conversations and activities wherein she's caught on tape). Hills calls Trump's tone "horrific".
Amazingly, based on complicit silence, here are things Hillary DOESN'T find "horrific" (hat tip commenters on
*Her own husband's affairs, rape, abusing his power with young interns, humiliating and discrediting victims ad nauseam;
*Cops murdered with Black Lives Matters activists taking side with the killers;
*The ISIS sex slave industry;
*Genital female mutilation by Muslims;
*Americans left to die in Benghazi at the hands of US backed terrorists;
*Americans murdered and/or raped by illegal aliens and "refugees" (she still wants open borders!);
*Various terrorist attacks;
*ISIS torturing and murdering their captured by horrendous methods that make water boarding look like a walk in the park;
*ISIS and Al Queda throwing homosexuals off roofs of buildings just for being who they are;
*Snuffing life out of innocent babies just inches from being born;
*The late Sen. Byrd's (her "mentor") KKK roots;
*Saul Alinksy's life-destroying politics-of-personal-destruction;
*Saul Alinsky's (another quoted "mentor"?!) work dedication to Satan;
*The plight of inner city youths who get shot in the streets by gangs;
*The plight of inner city youths stuck in failing schools with government-prohibited opportunity for competitive education venues;
*Iran growing its dangerous nuclear program even after vowing to destroy Israel, thanks to her participation in the most dangerous deal America finds herself in;
*Corrupt pay-to-play crony deals to enrich herself with deals like handing 20% of America's valuable uranium supply to Russia;
.... and goodness, there are more.
All this, yet it's a political opponent's past verbiage she deems "horrific".
- Sarah Palin

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