Sam Ghandchiسام قندچيAbundance is Justice
Sam Ghandchi
فراوانی عدالت است

If our basic needs such as food, clothing, housing, education and healthcare become abundant similar to the air we breathe, we have solved the problem of social justice (1).

If we look closely, for millennia, achieving abundance has been the ideal of many shades of thought including religious and political ideologies that still fight each other to this day, claiming their social programs will lead to an abundant society (2).

But it is now possible to target this goal with technologies that have been developed following Moore's Law, as we approach Singularity (3). This reality shows that intelligent tools are truly the cornerstone of a new civilization (4).

Instead of waiting to make a revolution to bring about a government dedicated to ushering in the abundance, everyone of us no matter where we live and what we do, can try to facilitate technologies and institutions that thrive to make this goal succeed (5).


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
September 6, 2016


1. Creating Abundance in the Current World
ايجاد فراوانی در جهان کنونی 
دوستی می پرسید آیا ما واقعاً برای عدالت اجتماعی برنامه ای داریم

2. Kurzweil, Harry Potter and Futurist Party 
کورزويل، هري پاتر، و حزب آينده نگر 

3. Singularity and Us
یکتائی انفصالی و ما 

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ابزار هوشمند: شالوده تمدن جدید

5. Singularity University

دانشگاه سینگولاریته 
















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