I am posting the following text as my followup to posts of the agents of Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI)  attacking my posts on newsgroups, forums, and other discussion boards.


I already have mentioned to all my friends to expect the attack of Islamic Republic agents. For those who do not know this discussion group, the poster to whom this is the followup,  is an Islamic Republic Hoviayati agent posting on this board.


My post is not a reply to this IRI agent. The reply to IRI can be a blank sheet of paper as elAmieh, as one of the great contributors  of SCI once noted, because people already know what to write on that sheet. My posts are not for reply to IRI agents. My posts are part of the efforts to discuss the *alternative* to this savage regime. I am sure attacks by unknown Islamic Republic agents using new aliases will continue. This is what Islamic Republic of Iran pays them to do


And IRI agents thought the opposition that started SCI, Jebhe BB, and other discussion forums and built them, will let IRI using agent provocateurs, IRI lobbyists, and IRI apologists to make these forums  IRI_acceptable. As I have repeatedly noted, IRI has failed miserably.


IRI agents have failed miserably regardless of who posts on SCI, Jebhe BB, or other forums.  Koor-khondand. But we just let them show their true faces for a while, and they did a good job at that. And the apologists who always said the real opposition was the reason they cannot fight the regime in their own way, disappeared and stopped fighting the regime, the moment progressive forces stopped posting on these forums. So both Hoviyatis and their apologists had enough time to show their real face on these fourms and discussion groups such as SCI, Jebhe BB, and others.


Thanks to everyone who work so hard to support the human rights in Iran.


Down with the Islamic Republic of Iran

سرنگون باد رژیم جمهوری  اسلامی ایران


Sam Ghandchi, Publisher


March 14, 2002






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