Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي We are Results of Desired Errors
Sam Ghandchi 
ما نتیجه اشتباهات خوشآیند هستیم 

Looking at human DNA we see that it continuously makes errors when copying itself and has a mechanism to delete the bad copies. Sometimes a bad copy is not deleted such as when we get cancer. But that is not all. There may also be times when a bad copy ends up in a desired new evolutionary change, which is what happened when animal kingdom branched out or when mammalian life started or when human species separated from other primates.

Therefore, on one hand we do not like the errors in the DNA replication which are the basis of deadly diseases like cancer but at the same time we cherish the inception of human species as the greatest achievement of the evolutionary life on Earth. It is definitely a paradox of our life.

Changes of inanimate objects in the universe do not seem to suffer from the same mechanism and seems like this paradox is specific to biological life. In nonbiological sphere of physics, all events are explained by the laws of physics. True that quantum physics has introduced indeterminism into the science as well but we would not consider one quantum scenario versus the other as an "erroneous" versus a "correct" event. It seems like this phenomena of desired errors is particular to biological life and perhaps it has to do with "purpose" which is again something particular to biological entities, which not only we see all throughout the biological life but sometimes we even attribute purpose to inanimate world as "final" causes (1)!


Maybe with human beings evolving beyond biological life, we may be able to still have purpose but not be limited by the double-edged mechanism of DNA which has brought both catastrophe of deadly diseases like cancer as well as monumental evolutionary changes from the time of early bacteria to our current human existence (2).


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi

August 21, 2016


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2. New Variant to Meet Human Needs-An Electronic Book

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