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There are a lot of postings recently on this board [Jebhe BB] by the main poster of monarchy on this board (and former SMCCDI board). I think you can judge for yourself what one can expect from Iranian monarchy's return, and whether this new restored monarchy sounds anything like Sweden to you! sAli keh nekoost, az bahArash peydAst. Fooled once, one can say a mistake, but fooled twice, I'll be damned. I think Iran and Iranians should *never* trust these reactionaries and allow them to crawl back to power.


Some may be naive to fall for dreaming of Iran as next Swedish monarchy and some others may think others are naive by calling such monarchists as "reformed monarchists" and to give these reactionary forces legitimacy, as being other-than-dictatorial groups, when discussing political groups of Iran.


I hope people who argue like the above are not part of the monarchists' shah-vazir game to lure Iranians to fall for these reactionary forces, by giving them legitimacy in the discourse as part of real democratic alternatives for Iran's future. Even former dAneshjooyAn-e khat-e emAm like Abdi are more respectful of Iranian intellectuals and condemn more about the dictatorship that has been executed towards Iranian intellectuals in IRI, when they were running the show, than these so-called "reformed monarchists" who still after 23 years condemn the ones who were crushed under the Shah and not the Shah and its Savak. bAz sad rahmat beh reformed Islamists:(


Here are my articles about Iranian monarchy. Please read them and judge for yourself if I have presented reasonable arguments why I see monarchy to be one of the worst traps and a real poison for Iran and Iranians at this juncture of our lives. BTW I think these monarchists and their collaborators have taken Iranian intellectuals to be dumb or something (roshanfekrAn-e irAn ro daste kam gereftand).


Shah could call every opposition individual and group as sotoon-e panjom and distort all the words of their works by his agents (similar to Hovia't TV of Saiid EmAmi of IRI). But in the atmosphere of freedom of the West and even more access of Iranians inside Iran to political literature during the Revolution, it is hard to think one can just call the opposition kharAb-kAr and sotoon-e panjom and get away with it. I am even surprised anybody comfortably considering it as legitimate and continuing dialogue. This is as if one sits with Stalin today and lets him call everyone of his opposition as sotoon-e panjom (fifth column) and still think to form a *democratic* unity with him. Today is not 1930's and such coalitions are wrong.


Today is not the Shah's time. Whoever calls Iranian intellectuals sotoon-e panjom, is like Stalin who called his opposition sotoon-e panjom of Nazis, and executed them on such charges, and there is no dialogue with Stalin *inside* the opposition. Today is not 1930's and the likes of Stalin and Reza Shah are not considered as *inside* for any democratic opposition anywhere in the world.


The era of calling Iranian intellectuals sotoon-e panjom and getting rid of them or getting away with it has long passed, but it is a distinguishing mark of Nazis, Stalinists, and Monarchists to still use such words to attack their opposition. They are reactionary just like Nazis and neo-Nazis and they have no place in any democratic alliance and are outside any coalition or any talks about any coalition.


Here are my articles:



Hoping for a Secular, Democratic, Federal, and Future_Oriented Republic of Iran.


Sam Ghandchi, Publisher


January 27, 2002



* The above article was first posted on Jebhe BB on January 27, 2002



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