(A Proposal to Achieve a 21st Century National Unity for Iran and Iranians)



The unity of Iranian people can only be achieved by uniting around the possibilities of the future and not the glories of the past.That means uniting around a number of requirements that are essential to securing a solid 21st Century political and economic system in Iran.The following is a list of the least of these basic requisites to form such a national unity for Iran and Iranians.Please note that the comprehensive views of the Proposal of the Iranian Futurist Party Platform are documented below:


And here I have listed a *framework* of the minimum requirements for Iranian national unity:


1.††††† Declaration of Iranian government as a Democratic Federal Republic.

2.1††† Separation of state and religion with a fully secular educational system.

2.2††† Abolition of all Islamic laws including Qessas laws, laws against heretics, and laws discriminating against women, etc.

2.3††† Full protection of all the rights specified in Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).

2.4††† Freedom of all political parties and securing their full rights to compete for parliament.

3.1 †† Establishment of a national health system to provide a minimal medical attention for all.

3.2 †† Establish a min wage on par with the developed countries, while supporting foreign investment in Iran.

3.3 †† Create jobs by introducing training and retraining programs for new economy.

3.4 †† Support charities and welfare plans that create more economic activity for the poor.

4.1††† Develop computer and communications technologies, followed by biotech, solar energy, artificial intelligence, and space technologies.

4.2††† Modernize Iranís agriculture with use of latest developments of biotechnology.

5.1††† Oppose import and export policies that are based on any protection of local industries, rather than protection of consumers.

5.2††† Support the local industries by technical and scientific programs to advance to the level of leading-edge industries worldwide.

6†††††† Enhance Iranian Bourse to become on par with international stock market exchanges.

7.1††† Stop monopoly practices of state-owned enterprises, such as the oil industry and telecommunications.

7.2††† Accelerate privatization of state-owned industries and create a progressive tax system.

7.3††† Thus make the state less dependent on its ownership and more and more dependent on tax-payers.

8†††††† Promote an OPEC policy to expedite the post-industrial infrastructure development of Iran and to help Iran develop alternative sources of energy.

9†††††† Support the activities of all independent labor unions and independent associations of teachers and other professions.


Sam Ghandchi, Publisher


January 24, 2002